December 31, 2019 2 min read

When it comes to your rifle, one of the most important choices that you will face with your precision shooter is what stock or chassis to use on it. A stock or chassis system is used as the connection between a shooter and a firearm. Every part of a precision rifle comes into play when trying to get the best possible accuracy. The riflescope is used to aim the gun and a good trigger will fire the weapon, but a quality stock helps a shooter maintain the proper positioning and head alignment, as well as gives everything a solid housing and support system. From the trigger, feeding mechanism, and additional accessories such as bipods, the stock is a very important part of a rifle that is often overlooked.

Here are 3 major tips that will help you get the most out of whatever stock or chassis you decide to use:

  1. The Stiff Stock is Best

Most rifles will come equipped with the cheapest rubber or plastic stock available. These soft stocks are a lot more flexible than a quality one, and as such, allow the receiver to move and bend during recoil. This can result in different points of impact and increased inaccuracy, especially in case of different temperatures. The cheaper, temperature-sensitive plastics will eventually become more and more brittle over the years. Vice versa, a stiffer stock will not be as affected by temperatures or vibrations from recoil and will support the gun the same way every time you shoot. Therefore, your best option for increasing accuracy is to choose a stock with a full-length aerospace skeleton to ensure incredible strength, rigidity, and stability.

  1. Anti-Vibration Materials are Essentials 

A quality stock will have a humidity-controlled body and will be able to withstand all the vibration and shock due to its material. A precision rifle will produce plenty of shock and recoil when shooting, and the most accurate stocks will not only be able to handle this with ease, it will also take it in stride and keep the shots as accurate as possible. For this reason, avoid molded polymer and plastic body covers. 

  1. Remember the Small Details 

Each stock is a little different, and there are a lot of different options to consider when choosing one. A few details that you might want to look for in a quality stock are:

  • An adjustable cheek rest that has a high degree of precision adjustment settings
  • An adjustable butt pad with around 5-7 inches that can be adjusted to fit you perfectly
  • A high-quality, sturdy folding mechanism is integrated into the chassis system for easy transportation
  • High-quality custom-made screws, rails, and plates that are made to last for a lifetime 

WOOX’s stocks and chassis are an uncompromising blend of all the characteristics above. They are all equipped with high quality aerospace aluminum chassis, a forged monobloc body, vibration reducing hardwood handle and a fully adjustable, customizable anodized skeleton. 

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