December 31, 2019 2 min read

Welcome to WOOX! We are glad you are here and part of our tribe!

We are a new outdoor brand based in Hickory, NC, and our mission is to create high-end products for outdoor enthusiasts. Our company is the wild child of Minelli Group, an Italian company started in 1937 by Francesco Minelli and his three sons in northern Italy.

From a quaint shop floor to 5 plants worldwide, Minelli Group has made its mark on handcrafted wood products. The knowledge gained in the past 80+ years in the market led us to venture into a new project named WOOX, an artisanal line of outdoor products. Made in Italy and developed in the USA, we love nothing more than to create high-performing, functional, and well-designed products for you to enjoy now and for generations to come.

We started to design and make our range of products including what we believe is essential to improve your general outdoor experience. In our shop you will find chassis and precision stocks  to improve your accuracy and consistency at the range or in the field.

Our offering also includes state-of-the art axes and knives to use both in your outdoor adventures and as EDC. In addition, we also offer all the accessories and tools to take proper care of your gear such as leather sheaths, sharpening stones, professional torque wrench and cleaning tools.

At WOOX we believe in making things differently in order to stand out from the rest of the outdoor brand on the market. Here’s our distinguishing marks:


We reinvent not only the product itself, but also anything that goes into creating it. We work hard every day to create products of outstanding performance in terms of reliability and durability. We are willing to innovate at every turn, all for the sake of creating better products and a better solution for your needs.


There is a beauty that can be achieved from working a piece of raw, natural material that cannot be compared. Not only are our products beautifully designed, they are also functionally superior and perform at the highest level. Our attention to detail respects our craftsmanship beginnings while celebrating those for whom our products are made.


We are the fourth generation of a family business and we like to think of our brand as a way to connect people, friends and families who share the same values. At WOOX everybody is welcome to join our tribe with respectful, passionate attitude to the outdoors. 


Our tribe believes that we are meant to live from the Earth. But in return, it is our responsibility to restore it as we found it. It is not only about recycling, repurposing, reusing. It is also about rethinking how we respect and treat our planet. It is about associating with those who believe we have a responsibility to our families for how we live on our planet.

While we honor our Italian heritage and past, we also know there are lessons to be learned that will help us pioneer new and better ways to do things differently, here in the U.S.

We are ready and excited to start this new adventure together! Stay tuned for more and enjoy the ride with us!  

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