Our story started in 1937 in a northen Italian Valley, A Land of craftsmen and hardworking souls.


The original artisan workshop grows into a small factory with a small office to manage the business. Located in a narrow valley, where the sun only peeks a few hours a day, Minelli’s quality products and skills started to be appreciated locally and begin to grow in the following decades.

As Minelli’s reputation for exceptional quality products continued to grow, so did the international demand for such well made goods. In 2020, Minelli Group decided to launch a new consumer brand called WOOX. WOOX is an outdoor brand based in Hickory, North Carolina, whose mission is to create high-end products for outdoor enthusiasts.

Despite WOOX being founded in 2020, our roots run all the way back to that small artisanal shop ran by Francesco Minelli and his sons. We apply the 85 years of knowledge and experience of our parent company to design new outdoors products for the discerning sportsman who values quality, style and performance.