April 10, 2020 2 min read

Do You Need a Cheek Riser on Your Rifle?

Most regular stocks have zero ability to change or customize anything. It is one shape, one size, and one option. Metal chassis and high-end precision stocks offer much more versatility and allow the shooters the ability to fit the chassis to their own personal style or size, which will make them much more comfortable and ultimately much more accurate. 

Having a solid cheek riser has many purposes, and there are many benefits to enjoy from improved accuracy to comfort as you shoot. If you have ever considered using a cheek riser, you should think about all of the added uses such as:

Scope Leveling

Many rifles can be somewhat difficult to use a scope with. Whether it is the design of the firearm itself or something else, it is important to get a good cheek weld in order to properly use a scope without having to move your head in any awkward position. This, in turn, will also greatly improve your accuracy. 

Faster Alignment

Consistency is key when it comes to accuracy, and having a cheek weld can help you not only place your head in the same spot, but allow you to more quickly do it and make a faster shot. This is especially important in competition, tactical, or hunting situations. 

Added Comfort

A good cheek rest will allow a shooter to rest the weight of their head on it and lets them be much more comfortable. You do not want to strain your neck or be in an awkward position when shooting, and a good cheek rest will ensure that a shooter stays as comfortable as possible. 

When searching for a quality cheek rest, there are many factors to consider. You will want to look at its:

  • adjustability,
  • comfort
  • recoil relief,
  • placement,
  • design,
  • versatility.

You will want to find a cheek rest that does everything you want it to do and be durable and long-lasting at the same time. Once you find the perfect cheek rest, you will no doubt see a big difference in your shooting. From comfort to accuracy, cheek rests are a great investment for better shooting.



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