March 25, 2020 3 min read

In today’s world, almost every shooter wants equipment that is custom made to them and how they like. It also must be comfortable, and versatile enough to be changed, used or adjusted to their needs. When it comes to rifle stocks and chassis, it must also be accurate, easily customizable, and look good as well. In order to get all of these great advantages into one system, you will have to look for an aluminum rifle chassis! 

Metal skeleton stocks vs Regular Stocks

Most stocks on the market today are made as cheaply and quickly as possible in order to accompany the guns they go with. Unfortunately, this means that they are very prone to moving under any torque or recoil, which can greatly affect accuracy. Stock stiffness and barrel receiver position are vital parts of the accuracy equation, and most regular stocks just aren’t up to the task. These stocks are even prone to temperature fluctuations and often become more brittle over time. Even beautiful wooden stocks will shrink and expand with even the slightest little bit of humidity in the air. Even the slightest difference is enough to throw away the accuracy of your firearm!

Why Metal Skeletons are Superior

  1. Accuracy and Consistency: A metal rifle chassis will improve your gun’s accuracy leaps and bounds over any factory stock. It will not only provide a much more solid bedding system, but aluminum stocks are not affected by things like humidity. A super-strong, solid system will keep your rifle as consistent as it possibly can be. In addition to being more consistent, it will also be more customizable and allow a shooter to set up and fit the firearm exactly how it is needed. The more comfortable a shooter is, the more accurate their shots will be. 
  2. Ease of Use: A quality chassis system will have no need for bedding with their design. Because of their geometry, it supports the action in a way that not only makes for easy installation, but fewer elements to worry about. You do not need any bedding materials, release agents, or special tools, and gone are the days of worrying if you are going to be able to remove the barreled action from the stock after the bedding process is done. Installing a chassis is simple, and anyone can install one easily and stress-free. 
  3. Versatile: Most regular stocks have zero ability to change or customize anything. It is one shape, one size, and one option. Metal chassis offer much more versatility and allow the shooters the ability to fit the chassis to their own personal style or size, which as we mentioned before, will make them much more comfortable and ultimately much more accurate. 
  4. Larger Barrels: Another advantage that chassis offer is that they seem to work much better with switch barrel applications since they offer much more generous barrel channels that will allow a shooter to basically unscrew a barrel without removing the action from the chassis. There are even some systems that take it a step further and include a continuous mounting rail along with the chassis system near the top. 
  5. In addition to all of these advantages, having a metal chassis on your firearm will also usually set you up with a proper cheek weld. Having a proper cheek weld will ensure that a shooter is making the same shot every single time, and can be a huge help for shooters that have big scopes with the objective lens over 40mm. Many people will start to raise their heads off the stock in order to get a proper view, but this “breaking the cheek weld” will cause improper head placement and lack of consistency with shots. 
With precision firearms, it is always very important to make sure the shooter is as comfortable as possible when they are behind the gun. This is especially important in situations where you might be behind the gun for hours on end and looking through the scope. If you have ever noticed that many military sniper rifles will have something duct-taped to the stock that gives them a proper cheek weld, and this is usually some foam that they have made and attached in order to fit the gun to them. 

Having a metal chassis on your firearm will give you all of these advantages and provide you with the ability to achieve much more accuracy than you could possibly imagine. If you have ever thought about trying out one of chassis or precision stocks, you will not be disappointed!

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