Custom .308 Winchester Rifle

In the world of precision shooting, custom-built rifles represent the pinnacle of accuracy and craftsmanship. The custom rifle we're spotlighting today is a marvel of modern engineering and design, tailored for the discerning marksman who demands nothing but the best. This rifle, chambered in the venerable .308 Winchester, is built around the highly esteemed Kelbly Atlas action, a benchmark in the industry for reliability and precision.


Chambered in .308 Winchester: A Classic Choice

The choice of .308 Winchester for this custom build is both classic and practical. This caliber is known for its excellent ballistics, manageable recoil, and widespread availability, making it a top choice for both competitive shooting and hunting.

The .308 Winchester is known for its excellent ballistics, firing bullets typically weighing 150 to 180 grains at a muzzle velocity of 2,600 to 2,800 feet per second. This results in a muzzle energy of approximately 2,600 to 2,800 foot-pounds. It offers a flat trajectory up to 300 yards and a ballistic coefficient between .400 and .500, ensuring stability and reduced wind drift. Its versatility and manageable recoil make it a preferred choice for various shooting disciplines.


Core Components 

Kelbly Atlas Action: The Heart of Precision At the core of this rifle is the Kelbly Atlas action. Renowned for its robust construction and flawless operation, the Atlas action sets the standard for custom rifle builds. Its precision machining ensures seamless bolt operation and a lockup that's both tight and smooth, contributing to the rifle's outstanding accuracy.

Krieger Barrel: The Epitome of Accuracy The rifle sports a 24-inch Krieger barrel, a name synonymous with top-tier accuracy in the shooting world. This barrel, with a 1×11.25 twist rate, is meticulously crafted to stabilize a wide range of .308 Winchester loads, offering unparalleled precision. The choice of Krieger reflects a commitment to quality, ensuring that each shot is consistent and true to the shooter's aim.

Used in this project

FURiosa ultra chassis

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 Timney Hit Trigger: The Pinnacle of Control A key component in this custom build is the Timney Hit trigger, revered for its crisp, clean break and adjustable pull weight. This level of customization allows shooters to fine-tune their trigger pull to personal preferences, enhancing the shooting experience and improving accuracy.

Nightforce Benchrest 12×42: Clarity Meets Precision Optics are critical in precision shooting, and the Nightforce Benchrest 12×42 scope is a testament to optical excellence. Known for its crystal-clear glass and robust construction, this scope offers a magnification ideal for long-range shooting, coupled with a reticle that aids in precise shot placement.


Spuhr Hunter Mount: The Unshakable Link Connecting the Nightforce scope to the rifle is the Spuhr Hunter mount, a model celebrated for its rock-solid stability and perfect alignment. This mount ensures that the scope remains zeroed in the most challenging conditions, a vital feature for any precision shooter.

Atlas Bipod: Stability Meets Versatility The rifle is equipped with an Atlas bipod, a favorite among shooters for its versatility and stability. This bipod allows for quick and easy adjustments, providing a stable shooting platform in various terrains and shooting positions.


This custom rifle, with its blend of the Kelbly Atlas action, Krieger barrel, and other high-end components, is more than just a firearm; it's a testament to the art of precision shooting. Whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or simply the pursuit of shooting excellence, this rifle stands as a pinnacle of performance and reliability.


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