Justin Foster

September 15, 2022 1 min read

Justin grew up in rural British Columbia and developed a love for firearms at a young age.He attributes his passion for firearms to his father, Robin, who had Justin shoot his first .22LR at the age of four. Justin was lucky enough to have started hunting even before that, often tagging along on the back of Robin on the Western slopes of Canada. Robin would go on to teach him everything he knew about hunting, fishing, and reloading.

After graduating high school, Justin made the move to Calgary, Alberta, where he developed a passion for photography and began documenting his trips to the range. Justin started shooting ELR recreationally in 2019, which eventually led him to his newfound passion in 2020: F-Class. Justin is an avid F-Class shooter and shoots in the F-TR division.

In addition to photography, Justin is a passionate writer. He writes on a regular basis for multiple companies in the hunting and firearms industry on topics ranging from reloading and gear selection to hunting and shooting techniques.

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