The Art of Precision: Crafting the Ultimate 6mm Creedmoor Custom Rifle


In the realm of long-range shooting, the quest for the perfect rifle is both a passion and a science. Precision shooters know that the difference between good and great lies in the details. Enter the custom-built 6mm Creedmoor rifle—a masterpiece of gunsmithing that blends artistry with engineering to achieve unparalleled precision. This rifle isn't just assembled; it's crafted, with each component meticulously chosen and refined to create not just a firearm, but a precision shooting instrument.

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The Foundation: A Blueprinted Action

The rifle begins with its core, the action, which has been trued and blueprinted. This process involves ensuring that the action's surfaces are perfectly flat and aligned, which is critical for consistent accuracy. Recutting lug seats, facing the bolt for proper alignment, and surface grinding the recoil lug all contribute to a foundation where precision is paramount. The meticulous lapping of bolt lugs ensures a perfect mate to the action, reducing any potential for movement or play that could affect shot consistency.

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The Heart: A Custom Hart Barrel

At the heart of this precision tool is a custom Hart rifle barrel, renowned for its quality and performance among precision shooters. This barrel is not simply installed; it is threaded, fitted, and chambered specifically for the 6mm Creedmoor caliber, ensuring a perfect harmony between the barrel and the cartridge. A target crown is meticulously put on the muzzle, optimizing the bullet's exit and enhancing accuracy. The addition of a custom muzzle brake, seamlessly blended into the barrel, not only reduces recoil but also minimizes muzzle rise for quicker follow-up shots. The barrel's snakeskin finish, achieved through bead blasting, provides not just a unique aesthetic but also a durable surface.

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Precision Tuning: Trigger and Stock

No custom rifle is complete without a finely adjusted trigger. This rifle's trigger has been expertly adjusted to remove any creep, providing a crisp, clean break that allows for precise shot placement. The rifle is seated in a WOOX Furiosa ultra stock, which has been skim bedded to ensure a perfect, vibration-dampening fit between the stock and action, further enhancing accuracy.

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The Furiosa Ultra is a premium rifle chassis made in Italy and assembled in Hickory, NC, specifically designed for PRS shooters. It's an extension of the flagship Furiosa, offering enhancements like a 3” longer body, wider barrel channel for up to 1.20” diameter barrels, a full-length Arca rail, and the WOOX Suspense™ weight system for optimal balance. The chassis features a vertical grip, adjustable cheek riser, LOP, and a microcell butt pad for a custom fit and stability, promoting exceptional accuracy in competition settings.

The Eye: Leupold Mark 3 HD6 18x50

Precision shooting requires precise optics, and this rifle is topped with a Leupold Mark 3 HD6 18x50 scope, a choice that reflects a commitment to quality and accuracy. Mounted with Talley Rings and meticulously lapped to ensure perfect alignment, the scope is bore-sighted to the rifle, ensuring that the shooter can trust their aim point from the very first shot.


This custom 6mm Creedmoor rifle is more than the sum of its parts. It is a testament to the gunsmith's art, a precision instrument designed to deliver unmatched accuracy and performance. From its trued and blueprinted action to its custom-fitted barrel and finely-tuned trigger, every aspect of this rifle has been crafted with a single goal in mind: to provide the shooter with the ultimate tool for precision shooting. Whether for competition, hunting, or simply the pursuit of shooting excellence, this custom rifle stands as a pinnacle of craftsmanship and performance.



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