WOOX Limited Warranty

We hope you are satisfied and happy with your WOOX products. However, if you have experienced problems with your product we encourage you to seek information in our FAQ section. 

You are also welcome to contact our Customer Service if you need help to troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing.  

What is covered under the Limited Warranty? 

The extent of the limited warranty is given for each WOOX LLC products with a retail price above 100$. 

Duration of Limited Warranty: 

Each limited warranty lasts for 2 years, starting from the date of purchase. 

What will be done to correct the problem? 

WOOX LLC will examine the product and decide if it’s covered under the Limited Warranty. The evaluation could require pictures and/or videos useful to have a clear picture of the issue found. If the problem encountered applies to the Warranty, WOOX LLC will then, at its choice, either repair the defective product or replace it with the same or a comparable product. 

In these cases, WOOX LLC will be responsible for the costs of repairs, spare parts, labor and travel for repair staff that WOOX LLC incurs, provided that the product is accessible for repair without WOOX LLC incurring additional expenditure to gain access.  

This will not apply in cases where repair work has not been authorized by WOOX LLC.  

Any defective parts removed in the course of repair works will become the property of WOOX LLC. If the item is no longer sold by WOOX LLC, WOOX LLC will provide an appropriate replacement. WOOX LLC will decide at its discretion, what will constitute an appropriate replacement.  

If after WOOX LLC evaluation, the problem is found not applicable to the rules of Limited Warrant (eg: repair work not authorized by WOOX etc), WOOX LLC will offer, at the discretion of the customer, a paid repair service (WOOX Garage) to try to solve the problem. If the problem persists, WOOX LLC will not be responsible for it because the correct performance of a WOOX product is certified only at its original state.  

Conditions for the Limited Warranty:  

The Limited Warranty is valid from the date of purchase. The original purchase receipt is required as proof of purchase. 


The WOOX LLC Limited Warranty does not cover the following:  

  • Periodic checks, maintenance, repair and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear. 
  • Abuse or misuse, including but not solely limited to the failure to use this product for its normal purposes or in accordance with WOOX LLC's instructions on usage and maintenance. 
  • Defects resulting from usage of the product in conjunction with accessories that are not approved by WOOX LLC for use with this product. 
  • Failure of the product arising from incorrect installation or use not consistent with the instructions and technical or safety standards prescribed in the product user manual. 
  • Accidents, Acts of God, lightning, water, fire, public disturbances, improper ventilation, voltage fluctuations or any cause beyond the control of WOOX LLC. 
  • Unauthorized modifications carried out to the product in order to comply with local or international technical standards in countries for which this WOOX LLC product was not originally designed. 

Care Instructions: 

To be able to claim the Limited Warranty you need to follow the specific care instructions for every product. You will find all care instructions in the product package or on the product page in the WOOX website. 

General legal rights: 

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. This Limited Warranty does not, in any way, affect the rights given to you by law. 

How to reach us if you need service: 

If you need assistance, please contact our customer service. Save your sales receipt as proof of purchase. Proof of purchase is required for the Limited Warranty to be valid.