CZ's Glow-Up: Before and After

This is just one of the many transformations possible with our stock options. We encourage you to explore our full to discover the perfect stock that not only meets, but collectionexceeds your expectations.

Without WOOX


Most Factory Stocks WOOX Chassis System
Aerospace-grade Aluminum Internal Chassis
Free Floating Barrel
Fully Adjustable
Improved Recoil Absorption
Customizable with Accessories
Sub-MOA Accuracy

The WOOX Method

Check out how we've redesigned the game by tackling every issue with factory stocks.

Our products aren't just improvements—they're the answers you've been looking for. Get ready to see what your rifle can really do!

The WOOX chassis features an internal aluminum chassis, providing high-precision manufacturing and a tight fit with the rifle.

This ensures consistent shot placement, enhancing accuracy for both competitive shooting and hunting.

The internal aluminum chassis is integrated with wood furniture, which helps in vibration and recoil reduction.

This combination improves stability, making follow-up shots more manageable.

The wood furniture not only provides a warm feel but also enhances comfort and ergonomics with features like adjustable cheek rests and comfortable grips, reducing fatigue during long shooting sessions.

The WOOX chassis offer adjustable length of pull, cheek height, and accessory attachment options using M-LOK™.

This allows shooters to personalize their firearms to their specific needs.

The combination of an internal aluminum chassis with stylish wood furniture gives the WOOX chassis a sophisticated and attractive appearance, appealing to shooters who value both performance and aesthetics.

Choose WOOX and stand out from the crowd.


About our gunstocks

See what they say

I was pretty skeptical about the Furiosa—thought my old setup was good enough. But after seeing the improvement in my shooting stability and overall rifle balance, I'm all in. This stock is legit! Plus, it really turns heads, I get asked about it all the time when people see it.

Upgrading to the Wild Man stock totally transformed my Remington 700. Now it’s not just reliable but super precise, thanks to the internal chassis. Plus, it looks as good as it shoots with those modern tweaks!

Just slapped the Furiosa Ultra on my Rem 700, and holy smokes, it's like shooting a whole new rifle. The balance, the feel, the whole nine yards—just phenomenal. Can't recommend this enough!


    • Woox Model

      CZ 457

    • Supported Models

      CZ 457 American CZ 457 At-One CZ 457 Jaguar Xii CZ 457 Lrp Black CZ 457 Lux CZ 457 Mdt CZ 457 Mtr CZ 457 Premium CZ 457 Royal CZ 457 Stainless CZ 457 Synthetic CZ 457 Synthetic Set CZ 457 Thumbhole CZ 457 Training Rifle CZ 457 Varmint CZ 457 Varmint Synthetic

    • Supported Barrel

      Standard Light American Barrel Heavy Varmint Barrel Match Grade

    • Supported Magazines

      DM – Detachable Magazine

    • Supported Calibers

      .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) .22 Long Rifle (LR) .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR)

    Have a question about compatibility? Contact us!


    MORE Customer reviews

    Game Changer for My Rem 700!

    Just slapped a Furiosa Ultra on my Remington 700 and, man, it’s a beast now! Super easy to install and the balance is just perfect for long shots. Totally impressed with how it shoots—it feels like a brand new gun. If you’re on the fence about upgrading, go for it with WOOX! You won’t regret it.

    Cody R.

    My new go-to for weekend shoots!

    Hey, just wanted to share that I upgraded my bergara with the Furiossa , and it’s amazing! Seriously, it feels like it’s custom-made for me. Super sturdy and the shooting’s smoother than ever. It’s made my weekend shoots so much more fun.

    Alex V.

    Restocking custom 338-06 Ackley Improved

    This 338-06 AI rifle is a custom build from a few years ago. We decided to Cerakote the rifle in 3-color camo and try it out in a WOOX stock. Rifle still shoots sub 1/2 MOA in the new WOOX stock. We highly recommend the WOOX brand of rifle stocks!

    Rory W.

    Great fit and finish

    Put my Vanguard into Woox and made it an outstanding rifle. Group size dropped and the gun is a pleasure to look at. Win, win! Great product!

    Sean R.

    A Stand Out From the Crowd

    Is it a stock? Is it a chassis? It’s the best of both! I bought this for a Bergara B14R 20” HB build and the barreled action slipped right in. The action sits in the chassis portion so no pillars are needed. The look is beautiful and I get many compliments on it. My only 2 negatives is in order to adjust the cheek riser you need a wrench and there is is a small gap around the action. Would I buy another one? Absolutel

    Eric H.


    I built a Weatherby Vanguard 7mm Rem Mag 1,500 yard shooter with this chassis. My barreled action dropped right in, no fitting necessary, no issues. My rig has a Douglas heavy vamint 26" barrel and APA muzzle brake with an Atlas BT-72 bipod. The WOOX Exactus Chassis fit an finish was excellent and very rugged. Highly recommended and WOOX is really the only game in town if you like the look of a wood stock but require a very sturdy chassis as opposed to a stock. 5 stars all the way!

    Ryan A.

    Looks great

    I had a question prior to ordering. The staff answered quickly and completely. We put in the order the next day. The stock shipped quickly without any defects. We plan to buy another style soon. My buddy is buying one after seeing this one.

    Miguel M.

    Not only a really classy look but also extremely well constructed

    What else can I say but that the Furiosa is my favorite chassis/stock out there. I like it so much I recently ordered a second one so I can have one in both short and long actions. The look is really just breathtaking once you assemble your rifle. Apart from the aesthetics though the most important thing is the construction and precision. It is extremely well made and it shoots great. It’s the best fit and finish out of any brand of precision chassis I have tried.

    Jordan P.

    Rem 700 school build

    I used an Exactus chassis for a build I did while attending the gunsmith program at FTCC here in Fayetteville, NC. To say that I am pleased would be a gross understatement. I've recieved nothing but compliments and inquiries about where I got the chassis. The rifle is accurate and incredible comfortable to shoot. I've hit consistently at 1000+ meters.

    Adam A.

    Outstanding Chassis Stock

    This has to be the most interesting and best fit and finish stock I have every purchased. i bout this for a custom 10-22 build that I was putting together. It is spot on in every area. The build was beyond my expectations as for looks and accuracy. Will be purchasing another soon.

    David C.


    Trust is good, but proof is better.

    Check out the results from our accuracy testing at 100 yards to see the impressive enhancements our stocks deliver.


    Our premium aftermarket gunstocks are the ideal choice whether you're a seasoned hunter, a precision shooter, or a firearm enthusiast looking to upgrade your gear. Our products will enhance your shooting experience right from the first use!