how a rifle chassis can improve your Minute of Angle (MOA) 

Achassis is a frame or structure that serves as the foundation for a firearm, providing support for the barrel, action, and other components. In recent years, chassis systems have become increasingly popular in the shooting industry as a way to improve the accuracy and performance of firearms

. One way that chassis systems can improve MOA performance is by providing a more rigid and stable platformfor the barrel and action. A stiffer chassis can help to reduce barrel vibrations and movement, which can lead to more consistent and accurate shot placement.

Chassis systems also often incorporate features such as adjustable cheek rests and buttstocks, which can help the shooter achieve a more comfortable and consistent shooting position, further improving accuracy.




WHy a stiffer support is simply essential for your moa

A stiffer support can improve Minute of Angle (MOA) performance in firearms by reducing barrel vibrations and movement. When a rifle is fired, the barrel is subjected to a number of forces, including the pressure of the burning powder and the recoil of the bullet. These forces can cause the barrel to vibrate or move, which can affect the accuracy of the shot. A stiffer support, such as a chassis system, can help to reduce these vibrations and movements by providing a more rigid and stable platform for the barrel and action.

When the barrel is better supported and less prone to movement, it can result in more consistent and accurate shot placement. Barrel vibrations, or barrel harmonics, can affect the accuracy of a shot in a precision rifle because they can cause the bullet to be disturbed as it travels down the barrel. This can cause the bullet to deviate from its intended path and result in a larger shot dispersion, or MOA (Minute of Angle).

There are several factors that can cause barrel vibrations in a rifle, including the weight and balance of the rifle, the type of ammunition being used, and the type of barrel. Heavy barrels, for example, tend to be more stable and have less vibration than lightweight barrels. Additionally, the way that the rifle is held and the type of stock can also affect the amount of vibration in the barrel. To minimize the effects of barrel vibrations on accuracy.

It is important to use a rifle that is well-balanced and has a sturdy stock, and to hold the rifle as steadily as possible when taking a shot. Using high-quality ammunition that is well-matched to the rifle can also help to reduce the effects of barrel vibrations.

Plenty of adjustments  

In addition to providing a stable platform, chassis systems can also allow for more precise adjustments to the barrel and action. Many chassis systems incorporate an adjustable bedding system, which allows the shooter to fine-tune the fit of the barrel and action in the chassis for optimal accuracy. This can be especially useful for custom barrel installations or for shooters who want to experiment with different loadings and bullet weights.


Overall, chassis systems can be a useful tool for improving the accuracy and performance of firearms. While they may not be necessary for all shooters, they can be a valuable addition for those looking to get the most out of their rifle or other long-range shooting platform.


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