The Mossberg 590 Shockwave: A Compact Powerhouse

The Mossberg 590 Shockwave, introduced to the market by O.F. Mossberg & Sons, is a compact, versatile firearm that packs quite a punch. A variant of the reputable 590 series, the Shockwave has quickly earned a unique place among firearm enthusiasts for its distinct characteristics. Here, we delve into the history, design features, versatility, performance, cultural impact, and related legislation surrounding this intriguing firearm.

The Mossberg 590 series first saw the light of day in 1961 as an evolution of the Mossberg 500 series. The Shockwave variant was later introduced as an innovative solution offering a compact firearm that didn't compromise on power. The unique design circumvents traditional short-barreled shotgun restrictions, providing users with an unparalleled combination of versatility and performance.

The Mossberg 590S  Factory. Source: Mossberg. 

Innovative Design and Features 

The Mossberg 590 Shockwave is characterized by its unique "bird's head" pistol grip, commonly referred to as the Shockwave Raptor grip. This non-traditional grip reduces the firearm's overall length, making it more manageable and convenient for home defense and close-quarters use. Additionally, the Shockwave features a 14-inch barrel and a 26.37-inch overall length, adding to its compactness. Despite its size, it incorporates all the reliable operational features of the 590 series, including a smooth, reliable pump-action, dual extractors, twin action bars, an anti-jam elevator, and a steel-to-steel lockup.

The Mossberg 590 Shockwave performs impressively across the board. It maintains the robustness of the 590 series, ensuring reliability under various conditions. Despite its compactness, it does not compromise on power or accuracy, proving that good things indeed come in small packages. The Shockwave's excellent performance and reliability make it a trusted choice for home defense scenarios.

The Mossberg 590S builds upon the foundational features of the 590 but adds a crucial change in its functionality: it's designed to reliably feed 1.75" mini shells in addition to standard 2.75" and 3" shells. This ability sets the 590S apart from its sibling. Mini shells offer reduced recoil and increased magazine capacity, making the 590S a versatile choice for various applications. The 590S is equipped with Mossberg’s new patent-pending STAB (Stand-Off Barrel) design and Mini-Clip™ for mini-shell compatibility. This technology ensures reliable cycling of both mini and standard size shotgun shells.

Versatility and Customization 

 Customizability is a significant selling point of the Mossberg 590 Shockwave. Users can tailor their firearms to suit personal preferences or specific needs. From different grip options to a variety of sighting systems, the Shockwave offers a wide range of add-ons. This versatility extends to its applications, making it a viable choice for both home defense and recreational shooting. Performance 

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Gladiatore Club Grip + Fore End Kit - Gladiatore - WOOX
Gladiatore Club Grip + Fore End Kit - Gladiatore - WOOX
Gladiatore Club Grip + Fore End Kit - Gladiatore - WOOX
Gladiatore Club Grip + Fore End Kit - Gladiatore - WOOX
Gladiatore Club Grip + Fore End Kit - Gladiatore - WOOX
Gladiatore Club Grip + Fore End Kit - Gladiatore - WOOX

Gladiatore Club Grip + Fore End Kit

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- Gladiatore Grip and Fore End Kit
- Mossberg 590S

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Legislation and Gun Control

The Mossberg 590 Shockwave occupies a unique niche in gun legislation due to its design. The ATF classifies the Shockwave not as a shotgun, but as a "firearm." This categorization is due to its "bird's head" pistol grip, which technically prevents it from being classified as designed to be fired from the shoulder. Therefore, it avoids the stricter regulations associated with short-barreled shotguns.

Although the Mossberg 590 Shockwave is legal at the federal level, it's crucial to consider state and local laws, which can vary significantly. Some states have implemented their own restrictions on firearms, including "other" weapons that don't fit traditional classifications. For instance, states such as California, Massachusetts, and New York have regulations that can limit or prohibit the possession of the 590 Shockwave. Moreover, even in states where the Shockwave is generally legal, local city or county ordinances can implement further restrictions. As a result, potential buyers are strongly encouraged to research their local laws and regulations thoroughly before purchasing a Mossberg 590 Shockwave or any other firearm.

The Mossberg 590 Shockwave's unique status in gun legislation highlights the complexity of firearm laws in the United States. It underscores the importance of understanding not only the technical specifications of a firearm but also how they interact with the web of federal, state, and local regulations. As gun laws continue to evolve, staying informed and understanding these nuances become all the more crucial for responsible firearm ownership.


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