The fascinating History of furiosa chassis

When we first started planning WOOX in 2019, we knew that we could rely on Minelli’s long historyand knowledge of precision woodworking. The company has a deep understanding of the fine art of wood gun stock making, but we knew that today’s sophisticated outdoorsman wanted something more. We knew that there could no longer be a tradeoff between style and performance.

With this end in mind, we decided that the only way to achieve our goal was to design a product that combined the beauty of traditional wood and fine craftsmanship with the strength and stability of modern materials, plus a hefty dose of the Italian sense of style.

From this, Furiosa was born.

After hundreds of hours of testing in both Italy and the US, our Furiosa rifle stock made its debut at 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  This high-performance stock consists of an aluminum sub chassis with beautiful wood sections over it. This gives the chassis the stability and rigidity of modern materials with the warmth and beauty of traditional wood. Our unique drop-in system requires no additional bedding, and has superior ergonomics, adjustability, and style.

This enhances your rifle’s performance while making it look dead sexy.

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