Professional Recoil Pad
From $49 or $12 in 4 installments*

Professional Recoil Pad

Replacement Microcell Ultra-Light Recoil Recoil Pad for Furiosa, Exactus and Wild Man. The light weight will not affect the balance of your gun, and the recoil absorption will be outstanding even after thousands of shots thanks to the material which is different than the typical rubber pad, with no "bottom out" effect.

Available in 4 options:
  • Fixed
  • 1- Way (vertical adjustment)
  • 2-Way (vertical + horizontal adjustment) D-shape: Field contour & Straight contour. An all around good fully adjustable butt pad with a flat universal contour.
  • 2-Way (vertical + horizontal adjustment) C-shape: Target contour Fully adjustable with a more specialized shape for specialty match or target
All mounting hardware included.
Model Weight Total Vertical Extension Rotation
Fixed 0.12 lbs or 55 g / /
1-Way Adjustment 0.22 lbs or 100 g 2.25" (1.25" up, 1" down) /
2-Ways Adjustment (D-Shape) 0.35 lbs or 160 g 2" (1" up, 1" down) 15° rotation left & right
2-Ways Adjustment (C-Shape) 0.28 lbs or 130 g 2" (1" up, 1" down) 15° rotation left & right