July 18, 2022 1 min read

WOOX, producer of exceptional accessories for the outdoorsman made in the U.S.A. and Italy, is pleased to announce additions to its stellar customer service: 100 years of free blade sharpening for the company’s knives and axes, and 100 years of free technical assistance for its stocks and chassis.

“WOOX has always provided premium support services for customers and the addition of free blade sharpening is a natural extension of this post-purchase experience,” said Danilo Minelli, CEO of WOOX. “Our WOOX Garage consultation service has been a great success for consumers before they purchase, and 100 years of technical support after the purchase demonstrates the confidence we have in our stocks and chassis.”

WOOX blade sharpening is available for WOOX-branded knives and axes. Chassis maintenance includes a complete material review for worn or damaged parts that may occur during normal use. Technical consultation, conducted by email, telephone or video conference, are available to discuss compatibility, installation, how to use accessories with WOOX products, and other related topics.

“If you own a WOOX and don’t have a purchase receipt, no problem, you’re part of the WOOX community and eligible for 100 years of support”, said Chip Hunnicutt, VP Marketing for WOOX. “WOOX axes, knives and stocks are the outdoor gear your heirs will fight over, and we’ve made the service transferable so we’ll be there to make sure they are able to get as much use and joy from them.”

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