Vudoo V22S Single Shot

This Vudoo V22S Single Shot Barreled Action, equipped with a 26" Benchmark barrel, represents a pinnacle of precision and craftsmanship in the world of custom rifles. This rifle, designed for the discerning shooter, combines high-performance components to deliver unparalleled accuracy and consistency.


Vudoo V22s single shot barreled action (26" benchmark barrel) 

At the heart of the rifle is the Vudoo V22S single shot barreled action. This action is renowned for its precision and reliability, with the 26" Benchmark barrel  being a popular choice among competitive shooters for its exceptional accuracy and consistency. The barrel's length and quality contribute significantly to the rifle's overall performance, particularly in long-range shooting scenarios.

A unique feature of this rifle is the Vudoo V22S right-hand bolt with a left-hand port. This configuration is particularly beneficial for right-handed shooters, allowing for faster and more efficient operation without disturbing the shooting position. It demonstrates the thoughtful design considerations put into the rifle, catering to the needs and preferences of competitive shooters.

Custom woox stock

The stock of this custom Vudoo V22S rifle is a testament to innovative design, combining the Titano back from WOOX with an Exactus forend. 

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The Titano back, specifically crafted for benchrest and F-Class shooting, is a marvel in ergonomics and stability. Its design caters to the stringent demands of precision shooting, offering an adjustable cheek rest and butt plate to ensure a perfect fit for the shooter. This customization capability is crucial in competitive shooting, where comfort and stability significantly impact performance. The Titano is not just functionally superior but also aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of elegance to the rifle.

exactus forend


In harmony with the Titano back, the Exactus forend further enhances the rifle's precision capabilities. Designed for long-range accuracy, the Exactus forend is engineered to provide a stable and secure platform for the rifle. Its sleek, streamlined design minimizes weight while maximizing strength, ensuring that the rifle remains balanced and easy to handle. 


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The integration of these two components from WOOX – the Titano back and the Exactus forend – results in a stock that is unparalleled in its class, offering the shooter an unmatched combination of comfort, stability, and aesthetics, crucial for achieving top-tier performance in precision shooting.

2 stage Triggertech Diamond trigger

The trigger system of the rifle is a 2 stage Triggertech Diamond trigger. Triggertech is well-regarded for producing some of the finest triggers in the market, and the Diamond model is their top-tier offering. It provides a crisp, clean break with minimal overtravel and is adjustable, allowing shooters to fine-tune it to their specific preferences.

Arken ELP-4 6-24 scope

Optics are a critical component of any precision rifle, and the Arken ELP-4 6-24 scope is an excellent match for the Vudoo V22S. This scope offers a wide magnification range, making it versatile for various shooting distances. Its clear optics, reliable tracking, and robust construction make it a favorite among long-range shooters.


Sinclair F-Class bipod

Lastly, the rifle is fitted with a Sinclair F-Class bipod. This bipod is designed for stability and precision, making it an ideal choice for competitive shooting. It provides a solid and adjustable platform, essential for maintaining accuracy, especially in long-range shots.

In summary, the Vudoo V22S single shot rifle with a 26" Benchmark barrel, outfitted with a WOOX stock, Triggertech Diamond trigger, Arken ELP-4 scope, and Sinclair F-Class bipod, is a top-tier firearm designed for precision and reliability. Its combination of high-quality components and thoughtful design makes it an excellent choice for competitive shooters and enthusiasts who demand the best in terms of performance and accuracy.


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