The Ultimate 6×47 Precision Rifle Build A-Z: Woox Furiosa Ultra & BAT Hammerhead


Building a precision rifle requires a careful selection of components that work in harmony to achieve optimal performance. The 6mm x 47 Lapua Hammerhead build is a testament to this meticulous process. Here's a comprehensive look at each key component and the assembly process.

Woox Furiosa Ultra Chassis

The Woox Furiosa Ultra chassis is the bedrock of this custom build. It combines traditional materials with modern engineering to provide a stable and adjustable platform for precision shooting. The chassis is crafted from American Walnut, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Features such as the adjustable cheek riser and length of pull ensure a comfortable and customized fit for the shooter, enhancing both ergonomics and accuracy.


BAT Hammerhead Action

Central to the rifle's operation is the BAT Hammerhead action. This action is renowned for its precision and strength, designed to withstand the rigors of high-stakes competitive shooting. The single-shot design minimizes moving parts, reducing potential points of failure and ensuring consistent, reliable performance. The BAT Hammerhead action is machined to exacting standards, providing a solid foundation for the rifle's accuracy.


Krieger Barrel

The barrel is a critical component in any precision rifle, and the Krieger barrel is chosen for its exceptional quality and performance. Made from stainless steel, Krieger barrels are renowned for their precise rifling, which is essential for achieving tight shot groups. The 6mm x 47 Lapua chambering is ideal for long-range accuracy, and the barrel's craftsmanship ensures minimal deviation and maximal consistency with each shot.

Timney Calvin Elite Trigger

A rifle's trigger can significantly impact its accuracy, and the Timney Calvin Elite trigger is designed to provide a superior shooting experience. This trigger offers a crisp, clean break with adjustable pull weight, allowing shooters to fine-tune their trigger pull to their personal preferences. The precise control provided by the Calvin Elite trigger contributes to the overall accuracy and reliability of the rifle.


Leupold Mark 4HD Scope

Optics play a crucial role in long-range shooting, and the Leupold Mark 4HD scope is a top-tier choice for this build. The scope offers high-definition clarity, reliable tracking, and rugged construction. Its advanced optics ensure that shooters can clearly see their targets at extended ranges, and its durability ensures it can withstand the environmental stresses encountered in the field.


Assembly Process

The assembly of the rifle is a meticulous process that requires attention to detail and precision. It begins with truing the BAT Hammerhead action to ensure it is perfectly aligned. The Krieger barrel is then carefully chambered and fitted to the action, ensuring a tight and precise fit. The Timney Calvin Elite trigger is installed, and its pull weight is adjusted to the shooter's preference. Finally, the Leupold Mark 4HD scope is mounted and zeroed, ensuring it is perfectly aligned with the rifle's bore.

Performance Testing

After assembly, the rifle undergoes rigorous performance testing. Initial shooting tests are conducted to validate the build, ensuring that each component functions as intended and that the rifle delivers the expected level of accuracy. Adjustments are made as necessary to fine-tune the rifle's performance, ensuring it is ready for competitive shooting or long-range hunting.


The 6mm x 47 Lapua Hammerhead build is a masterpiece of precision engineering, combining high-quality components with expert craftsmanship. The Woox Furiosa Ultra chassis, BAT Hammerhead action, Krieger barrel, Timney Calvin Elite trigger, and Leupold Mark 4HD scope all contribute to a rifle that is as beautiful as it is functional. This build is a perfect example of how careful selection and assembly of top-tier components can result in a precision instrument capable of exceptional performance.

For more details on this build and to see the step-by-step process, visit Ultimate Reloader.



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