The Epitome of Precision: A Custom-Built Masterpiece with Furiosa Ultra Chassis


At the core of this exceptional rifle lies the Kidd Supergrade 10/22 barreled action. Renowned for its precision engineering and unrivaled performance, this barreled action sets the foundation for unmatched accuracy. Featuring a 20-inch .920” stainless steel bull barrel, it ensures consistent shot placement with minimal deviation.


Triggering Precision: The Crisp Break

Complementing the superb barrel is a 2-pound single-stage trigger, delivering crisp, predictable trigger breaks shot after shot. With its precision construction, this trigger enhances shooter control and enables lightning-fast follow-up shots, essential in precision shooting scenarios.


Reliability in Feeding: The Essential Component

For reliable feeding and flawless operation, this custom build utilizes Ruger 10-round rotary magazines. Renowned for their reliability and durability, these magazines ensure smooth and consistent ammunition delivery, even in the most demanding shooting conditions.


Optical Excellence: Clarity and Precision

To harness the full potential of this precision platform, the Zeiss LRP S3 Mil Scope takes center stage. Renowned for its unparalleled optical clarity and precision tracking, this scope provides shooters with the confidence to engage targets at extreme distances with pinpoint accuracy. With its advanced reticle options and precise adjustments, the Zeiss LRP S3 empowers shooters to push the boundaries of long-range shooting.


Perfect Alignment: Ensuring Precision

Ensuring precise rifle leveling and alignment is the Send iT MV3 Precision shooting level. With its intuitive design and precise measurements, this level enables shooters to achieve optimal rifle setup, enhancing accuracy and consistency on the range and in the field.


Stability and Versatility: Mounting Accessories

Mounting accessories play a crucial role in rifle stability and versatility, and this custom build spares no expense. The RRS SC-ARC Soar Clamp with R-Lock Lever Release provides secure attachment points for mounting bipods, ensuring rock-solid stability during shooting sessions. Paired with the Elite Iron Panning Revolution Bipod, equipped with rubber base feet upgrade and ARCA medium offset mount, shooters can achieve unparalleled stability and maneuverability, even on uneven terrain.


Ergonomic Excellence: The Chassis

At the core of this precision rifle build is the WOOX Furiosa Ultra Chassis. Crafted with precision CNC-machined aluminum and premium materials, the Furiosa Ultra Chassis combines form and function in a sleek and ergonomic design. With its adjustable cheek rest, length of pull, and customizable grip options, it provides shooters with unmatched comfort and control, enhancing shooting performance and reducing shooter fatigue during extended shooting sessions.


In conclusion, the culmination of these meticulously selected components results in the epitome of precision rifle craftsmanship: a custom-built masterpiece that redefines the boundaries of accuracy and performance. From its precision-engineered barrel and trigger to its advanced optics and versatile chassis, this rifle represents the pinnacle of precision shooting technology, setting a new standard for excellence on the range and in the field.



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