The Best Remington 700 .308 Win Rifle In The World 

IIn the world of custom rifles, enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the perfect setup to suit their individual needs. This time, we are featuring a custom rifle that is not only designed for high precision but also showcases a sophisticated and elegant appearance. With a combination of top-tier components, this custom Remington 700 .308 Win rifle setup offers exceptional performance for long-range shooting and hunting aficionados.


 Remington 700 16.5” .308 Win

At the core of this custom rifle setup is the legendary Remington 700 chambered in .308 Winchester. Known for its reliability, accuracy, and adaptability, the Remington 700 serves as a strong foundation for any customized setup. The 16.5-inch barrel offers an excellent balance between portability and precision, making this rifle a top choice for various shooting scenarios.company, 3187 Media, produce a unique and gritty view from the firing line while also competing in long range competition. 

WOOX Furiosa Walnut Chassis

The WOOX Furiosa Walnut Chassis brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to this custom build. Made from high-quality walnut wood, the Furiosa chassis provides a lightweight yet sturdy foundation. Paired with the Hawkins Precision M5 Bottom Metal, this rifle setup ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration for enhanced functionality.

Swampfox Optics Warhawk 5-25x56

To complement the Remington 700's precision capabilities, the Swampfox Optics Warhawk 5-25x56 scope offers exceptional clarity and targeting accuracy. With a 5-25x magnification range, this scope is versatile enough for both close and long-range shooting. The illuminated reticle ensures optimal visibility in various lighting conditions, making it a perfect match for this custom rifle.

Trigger Tech R700 2 Stage Flat Trigger 

The Trigger Tech R700 2 Stage Flat Trigger provides a crisp, clean break for each shot. This premium trigger offers adjustable pull weight and a two-stage design, allowing shooters to fine-tune their rifle to suit their individual preferences. The flat trigger design allows for greater control and consistency, contributing to the overall accuracy of the setup.

MDT TAC21 12 Round Steel Mag

The MDT TAC21 12 Round Steel Magazine ensures reliable feeding and consistent performance. Built for durability, this steel mag offers ample capacity for extended shooting sessions and demanding situations.

AccuTac SR5-G2 Bipod

The AccuTac SR5-G2 Bipod offers a stable and adjustable platform for the custom Remington 700. With its rugged construction and user-friendly design, this bipod provides a reliable foundation for precision shooting in various terrains.

Elevated Silence Evolution Suppressor 

Build and pictures provided by WolfsPraireOutdoors

To reduce noise and muzzle flash, the Elevated Silence Evolution Suppressor is an excellent addition to this custom rifle setup. Designed for optimal sound reduction and minimal impact on accuracy, this suppressor ensures a quieter and more discreet shooting experience.

Armageddon Gear Shmedium Bag  

Lastly, the Armageddon Gear Shmedium Bag offers a versatile and portable solution for shooting support. This compact bag can be easily attached to the rifle or carried separately, providing essential support for accurate shooting in various positions.


This custom Remington 700 .308 Win rifle setup combines high precision, elegant design, and a suite of top-tier components to deliver an unmatched shooting experience. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or an avid hunter, this custom rifle offers the performance and style to satisfy even the most discerning shooter.

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