Ruger PC Carbine w/ Woox Furniture

"Hey WOOX Team,

This is my Ruger PC Carbine 9mm with Woox Gladiatore Stock, the CROM (@crom_usa) rifle chassis, CROM High Rise Handguard, and a Volquartsen TG9 Trigger Group.

As I mentioned it did take some minimal sanding to mate the Gladiatore and the Chassis into the bottom groove, but had my local gunsmith do it and they said it was not too hard and cost me about $60 of their time and expertise.

Used in this project

In the end all the furniture cost me more than the gun (oopsies), but it looks amazing and kinda has that unique feel to it.

To me it has a similar look/feel to the big rifle WOOX chassis'. I will probably add a handstop and maybe tinker with some other accessories but probably 90% finished I would say.

Having something look cool and shoot cheap ammo for plinking and light varmint work was what I was after and had the money to spend... so I did it. "

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