Remington 700 Serial Number Lookup:
An Essential Guide

Remington 700, an iconic bolt-action rifle that has stood the test of time, is a favorite among hunters, target shooters, and firearm enthusiasts. The Remington 700 series began its journey in 1962, offering precision, reliability, and adaptability. However, over the years, with various models and configurations coming out, the need to authenticate, identify, and verify the age or specifics of a Remington 700 became important. This is where the serial number lookup comes into play.

What is the purpose of the Remington 700 Serial Number?

Every Remington 700 rifle has a unique serial number engraved or stamped on it. This serial number serves multiple purposes:
Identification: It confirms the authenticity of the Remington 700.
Age Determination: It helps to determine the manufacturing year of the rifle.
Recall Information: On some occasions, products might be recalled due to manufacturing defects or other reasons. The serial number helps in determining whether a particular rifle falls under the recall batch.

How to Locate the Serial Number?

On most Remington 700 rifles, the serial number can be found on the left side of the barrel. However, it's crucial to handle firearms safely. Ensure that the gun is unloaded before inspecting or looking for the serial number.

How to Decode the Serial Number?

Remington has a specific pattern for their serial numbers, especially when it comes to determining the date of manufacture.

For rifles made between 1967 and 1977, the first letter of the serial number denotes the year. Here's a breakdown for these years: R = 1967 S = 1968 T = 1969 U = 1970 W = 1971 X = 1972 Y = 1973 Z = 1974 A = 1975 B = 1976 C = 1977

For rifles manufactured after 1977, Remington used a two-letter code, which can be a bit more complex to decode.

Remington did not release a comprehensive list detailing every year of manufacture from 1978 onward using their two-letter code system in a simple linear fashion. It's also worth noting that in-depth tracking of specific codes to exact years can be a sensitive area for numerous reasons.

However, after 1977, Remington did use a two-letter code system, often called the "Barrel Code," which was stamped on the left side of the barrel. This code can be used to determine the month and year of production.

For clarity, here's a basic representation of the code for months: Letter Month
B= January L= February A= March C= April K= May P= June O= July W= August D= September E= October R= November X= December

The year is a bit more complex and cycles through a series of letters. As mentioned earlier, using the above, you'd know the month, but determining the exact year would require cross-referencing with available data. Over the years, multiple resources and enthusiasts have tried to create databases to decipher the code.

Here one of the best databased we found:

Letter Year
M 1921
N 1922
P 1923
R 1924
S 1925
T 1926
U 1927
W 1928
X 1929
Y 1930
Z 1931
A 1932
B 1933
C 1934
D 1935
E 1936
F 1937
G 1938
H 1939
J 1940
K 1941
L 1942
MM 1943
NN 1944
PP 1945
RR 1946
SS 1947
TT 1948
UU 1949
WW 1950
XX 1951
YY 1952
ZZ 1953
A 1954
B 1955
C 1956
D 1957
E 1958
F 1959
G 1960
H 1961
J 1962
K 1963
L 1964
M 1965
N 1966
P 1967
R 1968
S 1969
T 1970
U 1971
W 1972
X 1973
Y 1974
Z 1975
I 1976
O 1977
Q 1978
V 1979
A 1980
B 1981
C 1982
D 1983
E 1984
F 1985
G 1986
H 1987
I 1988
J 1989
K 1990
L 1991
M 1992
N 1993
O 1994
P 1995
Q 1996
R 1997
S 1998
T 1999
U 2000
V 2001
W 2002
X 2003
Y 2004
Z 2005
A 2006
B 2007
C 2008
D 2009
E 2010
F 2011
G 2012
H 2013
I 2014
J 2015
K 2016
L 2017
M 2018
N 2019
O 2020
P 2021
Q 2022
R 2023


Example Serial Number: TK345678

In this fictional example: The prefix TK indicates the firearm was manufactured in May 1970. The number sequence 345678 would imply the specific production number for that period. Decoded: The firearm with the serial number TK345678 was manufactured in May 1970.

Please note that this is a fictional serial number created for illustrative purposes. Always consult official sources or experts for accurate identifications.

Importance of the Serial Number Lookup

Verification & Authenticity: With counterfeits in almost every industry, it's essential to ensure you have a genuine Remington 700. The serial number is a stamp of authenticity.
Safety Concerns: As mentioned earlier, product recalls can happen, and the serial number can immediately tell you if your rifle is affected.
Reselling & Value Determination: If you ever decide to sell your Remington 700, knowing its exact age and model can help in determining its value. Collectors might be interested in older, rarer models.
Historical Significance: Some firearm enthusiasts love to trace back the history of their weapons. A serial number can provide insights into when and where the gun was made and possibly even its journey through the years.

Whether you're a proud owner of a Remington 700, considering a purchase, or simply curious about the rifle's history, understanding the significance of its serial number is crucial. It offers a wealth of information, from its manufacturing date to its authenticity. So, the next time you hold a Remington 700, remember, its serial number is more than just a combination of letters and numbers – it's a part of the rifle's identity.


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