Overview of the 8.6BLK Custom Rifle


In the world of precision shooting and custom rifles, every component matters. Here we delve into the intricacies of a particular build that combines some of the finest components in the small arms industry. This custom rifle, centered around the Impact 737 action, is tailored for enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance in short-barreled rifles (SBRs).

Let's explore each component and how they contribute to the rifle's overall capabilities.


Impact 737 Action

The heart of this custom rifle is the Impact 737 action, renowned for its robust construction and precise engineering. Designed for high-performance applications, the 737 action offers unparalleled reliability and accuracy.                                             

This action is a favorite among competitive shooters and precision rifle enthusiasts for its smooth bolt throw and tight lockup, which ensures minimal movement between shots and maintains consistency.

Faxon 12” 8.6BLK Barrel

The choice of a Faxon 12-inch barrel chambered in 8.6 Blackout is particularly noteworthy for those interested in an SBR with significant stopping power and manageable recoil. Faxon Firearms is known for its barrels' durability and precision.

The 8.6 Blackout caliber, while relatively new, provides a significant impact at short to medium ranges, making it ideal for both tactical applications and hunting.


Triggertech Special 2-Stage Trigger

Precision is further enhanced with the inclusion of a Triggertech special 2-stage trigger. Known for its crisp break and customizable pull weight, this trigger allows shooters to fine-tune their firing sequence for both rapid follow-up shots and careful, deliberate targeting.

This level of control is crucial in scenarios where accuracy is paramount.

Woox Superleggera Stock

Supporting this assembly is the Woox Superleggera stock, which stands out for its lightweight yet durable design. Made from advanced materials, the Superleggera provides excellent ergonomics and stability, reducing shooter fatigue and enhancing accuracy during extended sessions.

USed in this build:
WOOX superleggera stock

Superleggera - Stocks & Chassis - Woox

Its innovative design complements the tactical and performance-oriented nature of this rifle.


Silencers: Diligent Defense Company DTF and CGS Group Hekate

Silencers are integral to SBRs, especially in tactical and hunting applications where noise reduction is critical. This rifle includes options for both the Diligent Defense Company DTF silencer and the CGS Group Hekate silencer.

Each offers unique advantages in terms of noise suppression, flash reduction, and recoil management, allowing the shooter to choose based on specific needs and preferences.

Callaway Ballistics 8.6 Blackout Ammo

The ammunition used is just as important as the rifle itself. Callaway Ballistics' 8.6 Blackout ammo is designed to maximize the potential of the 8.6BLK barrel, offering optimal performance through enhanced ballistic coefficients and stable flight characteristics.

This ammo is tuned for accuracy and impact, making it an excellent choice for both competitive shooting and hunting.


This custom rifle is a testament to the art and science of firearm customization.

Each component, from the precision of the Impact 737 action to the innovative Woox Superleggera stock, contributes to a platform that excels in accuracy, reliability, and performance.

Whether for competitive shooting, tactical applications, or hunting, this rifle stands as a pinnacle of modern firearm engineering, offering shooters an exceptional tool tailored to their specific needs.



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