New Custom Remington 700 SPS Tactical

In the world of custom rifles, the amalgamation of precision engineering and aesthetic design creates weapons that are as much a piece of art as they are functional tools. The Woox Furiosa Walnut Chassis, coupled with the Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308, is a prime example of this blend. When further customized with a series of carefully selected components, this rifle becomes a pinnacle of precision shooting.


Remington 700 SPS Tactical: A Compact Powerhouse

The Remington 700 SPS Tactical with a 16.5-inch barrel is a testament to the model's enduring legacy. Known for its potential to be a sub-MOA shooter straight out of the box, the rifle performs exceptionally well with 168gr bullets, hinting at its remarkable accuracy potential​​. However, the stock rifle's recoil and ergonomics may leave something to be desired for the discerning shooter. The Hogue stock that comes as standard is often the first part to be replaced by precision shooters, and the addition of a suppressor is recommended to tame the pronounced recoil and conserve the shooter's hearing, especially in tactical scenarios​​.


Remington 700 SPS Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle 308 Winchester 20

Woox Furiosa Walnut Chassis: The Foundation of Excellence

The Woox Furiosa chassis system is an innovative aftermarket solution that combines the aesthetics of traditional wood with the rigidity and strength of a full-length aluminum skeleton​​. The design is not just for show; it's a practical improvement over OEM stocks, reducing overall group sizes and enhancing shot consistency​​. Introduced by Woox Outdoors, based in North Carolina, this chassis fits various actions, including the renowned Remington 700, proving its versatility and broad appeal​.

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Trigger Tech Special: The Heartbeat of Precision

The Trigger Tech Special 2-Stage trigger with a flat trigger shoe brings innovation to the table, with technologies like Frictionless Release Technology (FRT), which introduces a roller between the trigger and sear for a cleaner break​​. The finely machined aluminum housing and the wider trigger shoe with well-spaced ribs contribute to a comfortable, controlled shooting experience. It’s a step up from the factory trigger, offering a tangible improvement in the rifle's performance​.

Badger Ordnance Scope Base: A Trusted Platform

The Badger Ordnance Scope Base is a highly recommended component, appreciated for its quality and reliability. OpticsPlanet customers have expressed satisfaction with this product, highlighting its good construction and the quality service provided by the retailer​.


Complementary Components: Enhancing the Build

- The KRG Ops Bolt Lift adds functionality and ergonomic enhancement to the bolt operation.
- An MDT Metal Magazine ensures reliable feeding and durability under various shooting conditions.
- Riton/Contessa Scope Rings and the Riton Optics X7 Conquer 3-18x50 Scope provide a clear and precise aiming solution, crucial for long-range accuracy.
- The Accutac WB-4 Bipod offers a stable shooting platform, which is essential for maintaining accuracy over long periods.
- The Elevated Silence Brake and Elevated Silence Evolution Suppressor not only reduce the rifle's noise signature but also mitigate recoil, contributing to the shooter's comfort and the rifle's performance.


The custom build that integrates the Woox Furiosa Walnut Chassis with the Remington 700 SPS Tactical is a masterpiece of precision engineering. Each component, from the Trigger Tech Special trigger to the Badger Ordnance Scope Base, has been selected to enhance the rifle's performance and the shooter's experience. This setup is designed not only to meet but exceed the expectations of the most discerning marksmen. Whether for competition, tactical application, or personal satisfaction, this rifle stands as a testament to the beauty of custom engineering.

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