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Mastering the Craft: A Unique Faxon 22 LR Custom Rifle

When it comes to creating the perfect custom rifle, every detail matters. From the chassis to the trigger, and from the optics to the suppressor, the ideal setup demands precision engineering and quality components.

In this article, we will be featuring a custom rifle that utilizes the Woox Outdoor Exactus Chassis as its foundation and combines it with top-tier components from Faxon Firearms, Ruger, Timney Triggers, Riton Optics, Accu-Tac, and Elevated Silence. This remarkable build promises to deliver unparalleled performance and a truly exceptional shooting experience.

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The Ultimate 22lr Custom Rifle

The Foundation: Woox Outdoor Exactus Chassis

The Woox Outdoor Exactus Chassis is a high-quality, precision-machined chassis designed for the most demanding shooters. Its lightweight and ergonomic design, combined with its customizable features, make it the perfect foundation for a custom rifle. With a range of adjustment options to suit individual preferences, the Exactus Chassis ensures that you will find the ideal shooting position every time.

The Heart: Faxon Firearms Rimfire FF-22 Reiver, 16" Flame Fluted Bull Barrel

At the core of this custom rifle is the Faxon Firearms Rimfire FF-22 Reiver, a 16" flame fluted bull barrel. This barrel offers exceptional accuracy and consistent performance, making it an excellent choice for competitive shooters and enthusiasts alike. The unique fluting design not only gives the barrel a distinctive appearance but also helps to reduce weight and increase heat dissipation.

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The Engine: Ruger Bolt

A reliable and durable bolt is essential for any custom rifle build, and the Ruger Bolt delivers on both counts. Known for its robust construction and smooth operation, this bolt ensures that every shot is consistent and accurate, providing shooters with the confidence they need to succeed in any situation.

The Control: Timney Triggers USA Calvin Elite 10/22 Trigger

The Timney Triggers USA Calvin Elite 10/22 Trigger is a high-quality, drop-in replacement trigger for the Ruger 10/22. It offers a smooth, crisp, and adjustable pull weight to suit each shooter's preference, ensuring a consistent and accurate shot every time. The Calvin Elite 10/22 Trigger is an essential upgrade for any custom rifle build, providing a level of precision and control that is simply unmatched.

The Eyes: Riton Optics X5 Conquer 5-25x50 Scope and Rings

A top-tier custom rifle demands top-tier optics, and the Riton Optics X5 Conquer 5-25x50 Scope is up to the task. This high-quality, versatile scope offers excellent clarity and a wide range of magnification, making it suitable for both close and long-range shooting. Paired with Riton's durable and reliable rings, the X5 Conquer provides an unbeatable combination of precision and stability.

The Support: Accu-Tac SR5-G2 Bipod

For steady and accurate shooting, the Accu-Tac SR5-G2 Bipod is a must-have. Its rugged design and adjustable leg positions provide a stable shooting platform that can be adapted to various terrains and shooting conditions. The quick-detach feature ensures easy installation and removal, making it a versatile and indispensable addition to your custom rifle.

The Whisper: Elevated Silence Brake and Evolution Suppressor

To complete this custom rifle build, we have the Elevated Silence Brake and Evolution Suppressor. These components work in tandem to reduce both recoil and noise, providing a more enjoyable and stealthy shooting experience. The Elevated Silence Brake effectively mitigates recoil, while the Evolution Suppressor significantly reduces the sound signature of each shot. This combination not only enhances shooter comfort but also helps maintain discretion in the field.

This custom rifle build, featuring the Woox Outdoor Exactus Chassis and top-quality components from Faxon Firearms, Ruger, Timney Triggers, Riton Optics, Accu-Tac, and Elevated Silence, showcases the best of what the firearms industry has to offer. This ultimate setup is designed to deliver unparalleled performance, precision, and comfort for the discerning shooter. Whether you're a competitive marksman, an avid hunter, or a firearms enthusiast, this custom rifle is sure to impress and exceed all expectations.