F-Class Competition Rifle 

In the world of precision shooting, the creation of a bespoke rifle is an art form. As we step into 2024, I am excited to introduce my latest masterpiece tailored for F-Class competition, a discipline that demands the utmost in accuracy and consistency. This rifle, completed in December 2023, is a testament to meticulous engineering and a passion for marksmanship.

Rifle Specifications: A Symphony of Precision Components


Caliber: At the heart of this rifle is the 6.5 Creedmoor caliber, renowned for its ballistic efficiency and accuracy over long distances.

Action: The build features a Savage 110 short-action, known for its robustness. It comes with a fluted bolt and is designed for single-shot use, optimizing precision.

Barrel: A 30-inch MTU stainless steel barrel from Bartlein Barrels anchors this setup. It features 5R Rifling and a 1-7.5 twist rate, but notably, it eschews the standard Savage barrel nut for enhanced stability.

Barrel Tuner: The precision is further refined with an Erik Cortina EC Barrel Tuner, allowing for minute adjustments to harmonics.

Trigger: An ELF Savage 110 SE Precision Rifle Trigger sets the stage for a crisp, clean shot with a 1.50 lbs pull weight.

Chassis: The rifle rests in a Woox chassis, an aluminum Savage short-action Apex/Titano monoblock, providing a solid and stable platform. Stock: The Woox Exactus buttstock in walnut, coupled with a Woox walnut bag rider, offers both aesthetic appeal and functional ergonomics.

Forend: Complementing the stock is a Woox Titano forend in walnut, balancing the rifle's aesthetics and functionality.


Scope: Overseeing the target acquisition is a Burris 8x40x50 ETR-II scope, renowned for its clarity and precision.

Scope Mount: It's securely mounted using a Leupold Mark Scope Mount (34mm), ensuring stability and accuracy.

 Front Rest: The rifle is cradled on a Protektor Model “Windage” benchrest, providing a steady aim.

Front and Rear Bags: Both the front and rear of the rifle are supported by Protektor Model Deluxe Bumble-Bee bags, aiding in recoil management and shot consistency.

Performance and Future Prospects


Upon its completion, the rifle's performance was immediately evident. At 100 yards, it achieved an impressive .23” five-round grouping, a clear indicator of its precision. Extending the range to 200 yards, the grouping remained remarkably tight at .27”.

With winter setting in around Chicago, the rifle will next see action in spring at the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club's 600-yard range. While initially focusing on honing skills and familiarization, the goal is to transition into mid-range F-Class competition. The anticipation is high, not just for the performance of the rifle, but also for the synergy between the shooter and this finely-tuned instrument.


This rifle isn't just a tool; it's a culmination of craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection in the art of long-range shooting. As we embark on this journey, the excitement is palpable, and the prospects for success in F-Class competition are promising.


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