Enhancing the Remington 870: A Custom Pump Action Transformation


The Remington 870 shotgun stands as an icon in the world of firearms, renowned for its reliabilityand versatility. While it’s an exceptional firearm in its standard configuration, enthusiasts often seek to personalize their weapons to suit specific needs or preferences. One such endeavor involves customizing the Remington 870 with aftermarket components to elevate both its functionality and aesthetics.

In this article, we explore a remarkable custom pump action build featuring the Remington 870, adorned with the WOOX Gladiatore furniture set, a UTG rail, Unity Tactical optic mount, EoTech optic, and an eBay-sourced barrel shroud.


Unleashing the Potential with WOOX Gladiator Furniture

The foundation of this custom build lies in the WOOX Gladiatore furniture set. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the WOOX Gladiatore transforms the Remington 870's ergonomics and aesthetics.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the WOOX stock and forend offer enhanced grip, comfort, and control, ensuring optimal handling in any shooting scenario. Whether for tactical operations or sporting pursuits, the WOOX Gladiatore elevates the Remington 870 to new heights of performance and style.


Precision Rail Integration with UTG Rail

To accommodate additional accessories and optics, the custom build incorporates a UTG rail system. Engineered for seamless integration, the UTG rail provides a sturdy platform for mounting various accessories, including lights, lasers, and optics.

Its precision-machined construction ensures a secure attachment without compromising the shotgun's balance or maneuverability. With the UTG rail, users can tailor their Remington 870 to meet their specific requirements, whether for low-light engagements or long-range precision shooting.


Optimal Optic Mounting with Unity Tactical

For reliable and precise optic mounting, the custom pump action features a Unity Tactical optic mount. Designed to withstand rigorous use and maintain zero retention, the Unity Tactical mount provides a rock-solid foundation for the EoTech optic.

Its low-profile design ensures a natural cheek weld and facilitates rapid target acquisition, allowing shooters to maintain situational awareness in dynamic environments. With the Unity Tactical optic mount, users can trust in the consistent performance of their chosen optic, ensuring accuracy and confidence with every shot.


Enhanced Target Acquisition with EoTech Optic

At the heart of the custom Remington 870 build lies the EoTech optic, renowned for its speed and clarity. Engineered for rapid target acquisition and close-quarters engagements, the EoTech optic offers a crisp reticle and wide field of view, allowing shooters to maintain awareness of their surroundings while staying on target.

Whether for home defense or competitive shooting, the EoTech optic enhances the Remington 870's versatility and effectiveness, empowering users to excel in any situation.

Personalized Aesthetics with eBay-Sourced Barrel Shroud

To complement the custom pump action's overall look, an unbranded barrel shroud sourced from eBay adds a touch of personalization. While its origins may be humble, the barrel shroud enhances the shotgun's appearance and offers additional protection to the barrel.

With its sleek design and durable construction, the eBay-sourced barrel shroud completes the custom build, turning heads at the range or in the field.


Conclusion: Elevating the Remington 870 Experience

In conclusion, the custom pump action build featuring the Remington 870, WOOX Gladiator furniture set, UTG rail, Unity Tactical optic mount, EoTech optic, and eBay-sourced barrel shroud represents a testament to innovation and individuality in firearm customization.

By combining high-quality components with meticulous craftsmanship, enthusiasts can transform their Remington 870 into a personalized masterpiece that excels in performance and aesthetics. Whether for practical applications or pure enjoyment, this custom build exemplifies the endless possibilities for enhancing the Remington 870 experience.



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