The Best Remington 700 Stocks

Elevating Precision: The Best Remington 700 Stocks by WOOX

Introduction to Remington 700 Stocks

History of Remington 700

The Remington 700, a rifle revered for its precision, has been a steadfast companion to shooters worldwide. Its rich history is a testament to the relentless pursuit of accuracy and reliability. At WOOX, we honor this legacy by crafting stocks that are not merely replacements but enhancements to this iconic rifle.

Why Upgrade Your Stock?

Upgrading the stock of your Remington 700 ushers in a new era for your rifle. Whether it's for improved ergonomics, enhanced accuracy, or simply a visual transformation, WOOX offers a stock upgrade that is an investment in the life of your firearm.

The Significance of Choosing the Right Stock

Impact on Accuracy

A high-quality stock is pivotal for shooting accuracy. WOOX stocks provide the stability and comfort required to achieve consistent precision, assuring that each shot is an expression of the shooter's intent.

Customization to Your Needs

Every shooter is unique, and WOOX understands that customizability is crucial. Our stocks are designed to adapt to your personal shooting style and needs, ensuring that your Remington 700 fits you perfectly.

Crafting Excellence: Why Italian-Made Stocks Stand Out

WOOX stocks are forged with Italian craftsmanship, a tradition known for its attention to detail and quality. Our merger of technology with artisanal expertise results in stocks that are both state-of-the-art and steeped in heritage.

Showcasing the WOOX Furiosa Chassis

The Furiosa Chassis is a marvel in our lineup. With its wood sections over an aerospace-grade aluminum skeleton, this is the best-crafted rifle chassis you'll find, proudly made in Italy and the USA.


Exploring the WOOX Exactus Precision Stock

Built for unparalleled accuracy, the Exactus Precision Stock is ideal for those seeking performance at great distances. It's a beautiful blend of American walnut and aluminum, designed for ultra-precise long-range builds.


Discover the precise craftsmanship of Exactus.

In Pursuit of Perfection: The WOOX Wild Man Precision Stock

Elevate hunting to an art form with the Wild Man Precision Stock. As the lightest hunting chassis globally, it's a masterclass in agility and precision, serving as a testament to WOOX's ingenuity.


Upgrade to the Wild Man and feel the wilderness like never before.

Precision and Ergonomics: The WOOX Cobra Precision Stock

For shooters who value modern long-range capabilities, the Cobra Precision Stock offers almost ethereal ergonomics, specially designed for precision shooters and long-range hunters who seek a distinctive edge.


Embrace the Cobra's unique ergonomics and amplify your shooting efficiency.

Tailored for Competition: WOOX Furiosa Ultra PRS Competition Chassis

The Furiosa Ultra PRS Competition Chassis reflects WOOX's dedication to competitors' needs. Assembled with pride in Hickory, NC, it's the wooden stock/chassis system fusion pushed to its limits, giving competitors the classical aesthetic they treasure alongside unparalleled performance.


Compete with Furiosa Ultra, built to win.

The Ultimate Benchrest Companion: WOOX Titano Stock

Meet the Titano, the epitome of WOOX's innovation for benchrest and F-Class competitors. It's an exceptional platform that meets the stringent requirements of the most exacting marksmen, designed to achieve victory.


Explore the Titano, designed for competition, built to triumph.

All-American Craftsmanship: The WOOX Merica Precision Stock

The WOOX Merica Precision Stock encapsulates the rugged spirit of America's favorite rifle. Handcrafted in Italy from premium materials, it personifies hard work and commitment to quality, providing an unbeatable combination of tradition and functionality.


Discover the Merica's unmatched versatility.

Customization and Modularity in Remington 700 Stocks

Fit, Feel, and Adjustability

Customizability is at the core of a shooter's personal bond with their rifle. WOOX stocks offer modularity that caters to each shooter's preferences for fit and feel, promising a bespoke shooting experience.

Modular Systems and Integration with Accessories

The right stock serves as the foundation for further personalization with accessories. WOOX's design philosophy ensures that our stocks are fully compatible with a wide range of add-ons, enabling you to modify your rifle to your exact specifications.

Customize with WOOX quality for a personalized feel and enhanced performance.

Material Matters: What Goes Into WOOX Stocks

Combination of Tradition and Technology

WOOX marries traditional woodworking with modern technological advancements, resulting in stocks that are durable and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that our customers receive only the best.

Durability and Aesthetics

Our choice of materials such as American walnut reiterates our commitment to stocks that can withstand rigorous use while maintaining their artisanal beauty. We blend these materials with cutting-edge production techniques to achieve the perfect combination of form and function.

Installation and Fitment: Seamless Upgrade for Your Rifle

Step-by-Step Guide

Installing a WOOX stock is designed to be straightforward, providing you with a hassle-free process and immediate enhancements in handling and accuracy.

Important Considerations

While our stocks are engineered for a perfect fit, we provide detailed guidance and customer support to ensure that your upgrade experience is as smooth as your shot placement will be afterward.

Conclusion: The Impact of a Quality Stock on Your Shooting Experience

In the realm of precision shooting, the significance of a quality stock cannot be overstated. We've walked through a curated selection of WOOX's finest offerings for the Remington 700, each embodying the legacy of Italian craftsmanship, the pursuit of functional excellence, and an aesthetic that stands the test of time. From the groundbreaking Furiosa Chassis to the competition-ready Merica Precision Stock, our Italian-made designs are tailored to enhance every aspect of your shooting experience.

With WOOX, you're not merely upgrading a rifle; you're investing in a piece of art that performs as impressively as it looks. This blend of traditional artistry with the latest in firearm technology ensures that with every pull of the trigger, the shooter's skill is matched by the stock's performance. By choosing a WOOX stock, you are making a statement---a declaration of your commitment to quality, design, and the precision that defines the most successful shooters.

We take great pride in our craftsmanship and stand ready to support you for over a century of shooting heritage. Embrace the evolution of your Remington 700 and discover the WOOX difference; it's more than a stock---it's a chapter in your shooting legacy waiting to be written.

Enhance your Remington 700 with WOOX and join the ranks of marksmen who demand the very best. Because after all, precision is not just a measure --- it is our passion, infused in every stock we create.

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