Customizing the Bergara B14R Carbon: A Precision Shooting Revolution

The Bergara B14R Carbon, a rifle already renowned for its precision and quality, is impressive in its own right. However, with a few choice upgrades, it can be transformed into a true shooting masterpiece. This article delves into a high-performance custom Bergara B14R Carbon build that uses premium components like the Woox Furiosa Chassis, Area 419 scope rail, ARC scope rings, Vortex Razor 3-18x, Magpul Bipod, and the Timney Calvin Elite Trigger.

The Foundation: Bergara B14R Carbon

The foundation of this precision shooting build is the Bergara B14R Carbon. This rifle, built by the Spanish firearms manufacturer Bergara, has a reputation for quality and precision. It features a .22LR caliber bolt action design, allowing for more than sufficient accuracy at range, and a barrel crafted with carbon fiber, making it lightweight yet rigid.

The Bergara B-14R is explicitly crafted for extended range rimfire shooting, practice, and competition. It's designed on a full-size 700 footprint and is compatible with numerous after-market parts, including stocks, triggers, and mounts. Its push-feed action showcases dual extractors and a full-size removable magazine.

This rifle's design positions it as an authentic rimfire "trainer" because it operates within the boundaries of a REM700 platform. This design lets shooters experience a similar size and feel to their centerfire rifle, and it can even be set up as a direct replica of their centerfire for training purposes. Hence, it accommodates REM700 compatible stocks, bases, and triggers.

Its rimfire action and .22LR Caliber are significant features. The magazine is a .22LR single stack mag, built within the dimensions of a standard short action AICS mag. Featuring a carbon fiber Bergara barrel of 18" length and a 1:16 twist. The bolt incorporates a floating bolt head design with a non-rotating gas shield.

Enhancing the Platform: Woox Furiosa Chassis

The first step in customizing this rifle is incorporating the Woox Furiosa Chassis. This innovative chassis is made from a blend of premium quality aluminum, walnut, and hardened steel, offering the perfect mix of traditional and modern aesthetics. It provides enhanced accuracy by giving the rifle a solid, adjustable base that enables a shooter to fit the firearm to their personal shooting style and physique.



Anchoring the Optics: Area 419 Scope Rail and ARC Scope Rings

Next, the inclusion of the Area 419 scope rail provides a robust and reliable platform for mounting optics. Precision machined from billet aluminum, this rail features a forward slant to allow for additional MOA when setting up long-range shots. The ARC (American Rifle Company) scope rings are another fundamental upgrade. These rings are designed to hold the scope securely without causing any unwanted stress points, maintaining the optic's accuracy over time and under recoil.

Stability Control: Magpul Bipod

When precision is a must, stability is key, and that's where the Magpul Bipod comes in. This lightweight, robust bipod offers great stability and adaptability to any shooting scenario. Its legs extend and retract quickly, allowing for rapid adjustments to the shooting position. Furthermore, its pan and tilt functions provide the flexibility to maintain a level reticle on uneven terrain.

A Finishing Touch: Timney Calvin Elite Trigger

Timney Triggers leads the aftermarket sector with Remington replacement triggers, lauded for excellent design and precision. These easy-to-install triggers remove the need for expert gunsmithing. A standout feature is the unique trigger blocking safety, preventing movement when set to safe. Timney triggers arrive factory-calibrated, yet fully adjustable for sear engagement, overtravel, and pull weight, enabling shooters to fine-tune them according to preference. The triggers, especially the Remington Model 700 - Calvin Elite triggers, offer an adjustable fit for increased comfort and shot accuracy. They're designed to ensure a seamless interface between the shooter and firearm. Their simple installation process allows even novices to upgrade their rifle effortlessly.

The Eye of Precision: Vortex Razor 3-18x

For those who are serious about precision, tactical, and competitive shooting, the optimal blend of features and optical quality is crucial. The Razor HD Gen II, with its advanced specifications, stands out as the unequivocal choice. This scope equips long-range shooters with top-tier features required for peak performance. It includes locking turrets, the incorporated L-Tec zero stop, and a first focal plane reticle, allowing quick and accurate shots at any magnification level.

In conclusion, this custom rifle build, based on the Bergara B14R Carbon, makes full use of advanced components to create a precision shooting tool that marries functionality and aesthetic appeal. The combination of the Woox Furiosa Chassis, Area 419 scope rail, ARC scope rings, Vortex Razor 3-18x, Magpul Bipod, and the Timney Calvin Elite Trigger offers an unbeatable blend of quality, performance, and style.

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