Custom Savage 110 in .308


The world of bolt-action rifles is both broad and diverse, with many options available for different needs and preferences. In this landscape, the Savage 110 series has stood out for years, providing a solid, reliable foundation for shooters and hunters. This article will dive into the particulars of a custom Savage 110 chambered in the venerable .308 Winchester caliber, exploring its unique features, performance, and applications.

Background of the Savage 110

The Savage 110 was introduced by Savage Arms in 1958. Designed as a budget-friendly yet extremely accurate rifle, it has become one of the most popular and customizable bolt-action rifles in the market. The wide range of configurations and the inherent precision of the platform has won over many enthusiasts. Chambering the custom Savage 110 in .308 Winchester was a natural choice for many shooters. The .308 is known for its superb balance of power, range, and recoil, making it an excellent option for both hunting and precision shooting. With a wide array of available ammunition, it's one of the most versatile and respected cartridges out there.

The Chassis: WOOX Furiosa

The WOOX Furiosa Chassis revolutionizes precision shooting with its fusion of traditional rifle stock design and contemporary features. This innovative and adaptable platform affords unparalleled accuracy by allowing compatibility with numerous popular rifle actions, enabling shooters to tailor their setup for the ideal fit. Enhanced with an ergonomic grip design and several QD sling attachment points, it heightens both comfort and mobility for the user.

By setting a fresh benchmark in precision shooting through its customizable attributes and extensive accessory compatibility, the WOOX Furiosa Chassis empowers shooters to attain elite performance across diverse shooting contexts.

zero tech optic 3X18

ZeroTech Optics, leveraging over 50 years of industry expertise, has crafted a new generation of riflescopes tailored to backcountry hunters and avid enthusiasts. Offering unrivaled accuracy and clarity, these scopes embody cutting-edge design and technology at an accessible price point. Recognized globally, the ZeroTech series stands as a testament to precision, performance, and reliability, making them the most sought-after sports optics in the market. Their award-winning products amplify outdoor experiences, allowing you to fully embrace your hunting passion.

 Other components

 - Kopfjager K700 AMT Tripod & Reaper Rail - JAGER PRO 
 -  AB Suppressor


The Savage 110 chambered in .308 Winchester is a timeless combination. The customization possibilities further enhance its appeal, allowing each shooter to create a unique tool perfectly suited to their needs and preferences.

From its reliable action to its versatile caliber, the custom Savage 110 in .308 Winchester stands as a testament to the continued appeal and performance of a classic design. Whether used for hunting, sport, or tactical purposes, it's a platform that can be tailored to excel in a wide array of applications.

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