Custom Build .280 Ackley Improved



Crafting the perfect rifle requires a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence. In this custom build configuration, every component has been meticulously selected and expertly integrated to create a firearm that embodies precision and reliability.

Barrel: Bartlein Stainless Steel Barrel Blank

At the core of this custom rifle lies a Bartlein Stainless Steel Barrel Blank chambered in .284 (7mm) caliber. With a Barrel Contour of #3B Lt. Bull Sporter and a length of 26 inches, this barrel strikes the perfect balance between rigidity and maneuverability. The 1:8 twist rate ensures stability for a wide range of bullet weights, making it adaptable for various shooting scenarios.

WOOX Exactus Stock

This custom rifle is further enhanced by the addition of the WOOX Exactus Stock. Crafted with precision engineering and ergonomic design, the Exactus Stock provides unparalleled stability and comfort, allowing the shooter to maintain optimal control and accuracy in any shooting situation. Its adjustable cheek rest and length of pull ensure a customized fit for maximum performance.


.280 Ackley Improved

The .280 Ackley Improved chambering adds another layer of versatility and performance to this custom rifle. With increased velocity and improved ballistic performance over its parent cartridge, the .280 Remington, the Ackley Improved variant delivers enhanced long-range capabilities and terminal performance, making it an excellent choice for hunting and precision shooting applications.

Optics: Zeiss Conquest V4 Rifle Scope

Enhancing the rifle's accuracy capabilities is the Zeiss Conquest V4 Rifle Scope. With a magnification range of 4-16x and a 50mm objective lens, this scope delivers exceptional clarity and light transmission. The #93 ZMOAi-1 Illuminated Reticle provides precise aiming points, while the capped windage turret ensures reliable adjustments in any shooting conditions.

Receiver: Defiance Classic Receiver Stainless Long Action

The foundation of this custom rifle is the Defiance Classic Receiver Stainless Long Action. Renowned for its durability and precision, this receiver provides a solid platform for mounting optics and ensures consistent shot placement with every trigger pull.


Trigger: TriggerTech Primary Trigger

For precise trigger control, the rifle is equipped with a TriggerTech Primary Trigger designed for the Remington 700 platform. With adjustable pull weight and zero creep, this trigger enhances accuracy and shooting confidence, ensuring smooth and consistent trigger breaks shot after shot.

Magazine System: Hawkins Precision Magazine

Follower, Red Hawk Rifle Bottom Metal, Wyatt’s Internal Magazine Box Completing the package is a robust magazine system comprising the Hawkins Precision Magazine Follower, Red Hawk Rifle Bottom Metal, and Wyatt’s Internal Magazine Box, all tailored for the Remington 700 BDL configuration. This combination ensures reliable feeding and effortless magazine changes, crucial for maintaining uninterrupted shooting sessions in any environment.


In conclusion, this custom build rifle configuration represents the pinnacle of precision engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. From the premium barrel and optics to the rugged receiver and advanced magazine system, every component has been carefully chosen to optimize performance and accuracy. Whether for long-range shooting, hunting, or competition, this rifle stands ready to deliver unmatched precision and reliability with every shot.



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