New Custom 7mm PRC

- Builder Cedric Sophus -

In the realm of precision shooting and hunting, custom-built rifles offer unparalleled performance and accuracy. One such masterpiece is a rifle that combines top-tier components from various manufacturers, creating a synergistic platform for both long-range shooting and hunting. This article delves into the specifications and features of this custom build.


Core Components 


1. Woox Custom Stock: Foundation of Stability
Tiger Laminate Forend and Buttstock: The rifle begins with a Woox Custom Stock, known for its robustness and ergonomic design. The Tiger Laminate forend and the Long Range Buttstock are not just visually striking but also provide exceptional stability and comfort.
Adjustable Features: It features a 7-Slot Pic rail on the bottom for accessory mounting, a C-Shaped, horizontally and vertically adjustable buttpad, and an adjustable cheek rest for a custom fit.


2. Tikka T3X Long Action: The Heart of the Rifle 20 MOA Rail:
The Tikka T3X Long Action serves as the heart of this build. Renowned for its smooth operation and reliability, it's topped with a 20 MOA rail, enhancing long-range shooting capability by allowing for greater elevation adjustment in the scope. 


. 3. Proof Research Barrel: Precision and Lightness 26" Carbon Fiber in 7mm PRC
 A 26-inch Proof Research carbon fiber barrel chambered in 7mm PRC with a 1-8' twist rate offers exceptional accuracy. The use of carbon fiber reduces weight without sacrificing barrel rigidity.

4. Ultradyne Apollo LR Muzzle Brake: Recoil Reduction 7mm Specific Design
 The Ultradyne Apollo LR muzzle brake for 7mm calibers effectively reduces recoil and muzzle rise, enhancing shooter comfort and follow-up shot speed.

5. Arken Optics SH4J Scope: Clarity and Precision 6-24x50mm with 34mm Tube
 The Arken Optics SH4J 6-24x50mm scope, with its 34mm tube, provides a wide magnification range and 32 mils of vertical adjustment. This scope is ideal for long-range precision.

6. Burris XTR Scope Rings: Secure Mounting 34mm with Adjustable MOA Inserts
The Burris XTR 34mm scope rings come with up to 45 MOA inserts, including +5 MOA inserts, ensuring the scope remains securely mounted and aligned.

7. Accu-Tac Bipod: Stable Platform Enhanced Stability for Precision Shots
 The inclusion of an Accu-Tac Bipod provides a stable shooting platform, crucial for long-range accuracy. 


8. Mountain Tactical Trigger Spring: Enhanced Trigger Control Lighter Pull for Precision:
The Mountain Tactical lighter trigger spring, set to a crisp 1 lb, 4 oz, offers a lighter and more responsive trigger pull, a key factor in precision shooting.

9 & 10. Mountain Tactical Enhancements: Magazine and Recoil Lug Billet Aluminum Magazine
 A 5-shot billet aluminum magazine by Mountain Tactical ensures reliable feeding. Steel Recoil Lug: A steel recoil lug from the same manufacturer enhances the rifle's stability and accuracy.

11. Atlasworxs Bottom Metal: Durability and Functionality Upgraded Trigger Guard:
The Atlasworxs Bottom Metal replaces the standard trigger guard, adding to the rifle's overall durability and functionality.


This custom-built rifle represents a harmonious blend of stability, precision, and aesthetics. Each component has been meticulously selected and assembled to offer the shooter an unparalleled experience in long-range shooting and hunting. Whether targeting distant game or engaging in precision shooting competitions, this rifle stands as a testament to the art of custom gunsmithing and the pursuit of shooting excellence.



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