Crafting Excellence: The Custom Build Experience with the BERGARA B14R 17hmr and WOOX Furiosa Stock



As a seasoned (Ret) Chief of Police with an extensive collection of rifles and pistols, it takes something truly exceptional to catch my attention. Amongst my arsenal, one particular custom build stands out: a meticulously crafted rifle combining the precision of the Bergara B14R 17hmr with the ergonomic excellence of the WOOX Furiosa Stock.

Effortless Assembly

Having tinkered with numerous firearms throughout my career, I can attest that the assembly of this custom build was a revelation. While I've encountered my fair share of complexities in modifying rifles and pistols, the synergy between the Bergara 14R and the WOOX Furiosa Stock made this build an absolute pleasure. The assembly process was refreshingly straightforward, requiring just two screws to achieve a perfect fit.


Aesthetic Harmony

Not only does it assemble with ease, but the aesthetic result is also undeniably striking. The marriage of the sleek carbon fiber barrel of the Bergara 14R with the rugged elegance of the WOOX Furiosa Stock creates a visual harmony that's hard to ignore. The combination of modern materials and thoughtful design elements elevates the overall look of the rifle to a new level of sophistication.

Superior Performance

However, aesthetics are just one aspect of a firearm. As a shooter, performance is paramount. And in this regard, the custom build excels. The combination of the Bergara B14R's precision and the stability provided by the WOOX Furiosa Stock translates to a shooting experience that is both exhilarating and precise. Whether engaging targets at the range or honing skills in competition, this rifle delivers consistently outstanding results.


Enhanced Functionality

Of course, no custom build is complete without careful consideration of accessories. The addition of the Hawkins M5 Detachable Bottom Metal, coupled with the Stainless Steel 17hmr Competition Muzzle Brake Compensator, enhances the functionality and versatility of the rifle, ensuring smooth operation and minimal recoil. These accessories not only improve performance but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the firearm.

Optical Precision

And let's not forget the optics. The Arken EP5 5-25x56 optic rounds out the package, providing crystal-clear clarity and precision aiming, essential for maximizing the potential of this formidable firearm. With its superior light transmission and adjustable magnification, the Arken optic ensures that every shot is on target, even in challenging conditions.


Future Considerations

Looking ahead, I find myself contemplating further customization possibilities. The WOOX Furiosa Stock has left such a lasting impression that I'm considering retrofitting either my Bergara Pro 308 or my Bergara 6.5 Competition with this exceptional accessory. The prospect of melding the reliability and performance of these rifles with the ergonomic excellence of the WOOX Furiosa Stock is an enticing proposition indeed.


In closing, I must extend my gratitude to the WOOX team for their exemplary customer service and support throughout the customization process. From assisting with part selection to providing comprehensive installation guidance, their professionalism and expertise were truly commendable.


In conclusion, the custom build featuring the Bergara B14R 17hmr and WOOX Furiosa Stock is a testament to the artistry of firearm customization. Its seamless assembly, exceptional performance, and striking aesthetics make it a standout addition to any collection. As a proud owner, I eagerly endorse it as a worthy candidate for the title of Build of the Week, confident that it will inspire and delight fellow enthusiasts as much as it has me.



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