Precision Redefined: Custom Benchrest Rifle

Precision shooting requires a perfect blend of premium-quality equipment and exceptional skill. An essential part of this equation is the rifle used, and today we're turning our focus to a remarkable example of benchrest precision custom rifle: The WOOX Outdoor Titano Stock fitted with Pristine .308 Bolt Action, Criterion Barrels 28" barrel with a 1:10 twist, Burris Optics XTR II 8 40x50 scope, Seekins Precision 34mm high rings, and Trigger Tech 2 Stage Special Trigger.


Pristine .308 Bolt Action 

The core of any precision rifle is its action, and this custom build features a Pristine .308 Bolt Action. Renowned for its reliability, the .308 action ensures smooth, precise, and quick cycling of the ammunition. It adds an impressive level of control and speed to the shooting process, thereby enhancing the shooter's confidence and effectiveness.

Machined from a single piece of pre-hardened 416 Stainless Steel using CNC technology, it ensures exceptional durability. The action features a unique quick-release bolt shroud, allowing easy disassembly without the need for tools. With an ultra-smooth bolt cycling requiring less than 4 pounds of force, it offers effortless operation. Designed with a 6-lug configuration and a quick 90° bolt lift, the Pristine action ensures swift and efficient operation. It incorporates dual ejectors for reliable ejection. Additionally, the action offers various bolt face diameters to accommodate a range of calibers.

titano stock


Tailored for Benchrest and F-Class shooters, the WOOX Titano stands out with its elegant American walnut stock. Its 34" length and 3"-wide fore end accommodate various shooting surfaces and barrels up to 1.20" in diameter. The WOOX Suspense™ weight system allows for optimal balance, and the handcrafted shoulder stock provides adjustable comfort and a stable grip. Rounded off with integrated thumb rests in the aluminum chassis, this Italy-made, Hickory-assembled rifle is a beacon of precision and craftsmanship.

Criterion Barrels 28” barrel with 1:10 Twist 

This custom precision rifle is fitted with a 28” barrel from Criterion Barrels, delivering consistent shot placements and exceptional accuracy. The 1:10 twist rate is a perfect fit for a variety of .308 ammunition, offering stable bullet rotation and resulting in more accurate, on-target shots. A longer barrel aids in maximizing velocity, adding distance to your shot, making it a great choice for both competitive shooting and hunting applications.

Burris Optics XTR II 8 40x50 Scope 

A good scope is paramount to precision shooting, and the Burris Optics XTR II 8 40x50 is one of the best. The XTR II 8-40x50mm stands out as the most powerful magnification scope available within the Burris product range. Originally designed with a focus on bench rest shooting and extreme long-range targets in fixed positions, it has gained significant popularity among individuals engaged in long-distance varmint hunting, such as shooting prairie dogs located in neighboring counties. Equipped with the XT-80 click adjustment knob, the XTR II 8-40x50mm offers precise adjustments with 80 clicks per rotation. The scope features the F-Class reticle, measured in MOA units.

This scope offers exceptional clarity and pinpoint accuracy across a wide range of distances. The wide magnification range of 8-40x allows for a clear vision of targets at both close and long-range distances. The 50mm objective lens provides ample light transmission, ensuring a bright and clear image in various lighting conditions.


Seekins Precision 34mm High Rings

Mounting the Burris Optics scope on this rifle is a set of Seekins Precision 34mm high rings. These are known for their exceptional build quality and reliable performance. They secure the scope firmly, reducing the chance of misalignment and thereby enhancing accuracy. Their high-profile design allows for comfortable eye relief and a clear line of sight.

Trigger Tech 2 Stage Special Trigger 

Finally, the Trigger Tech 2 Stage Special Trigger lends itself to precision shooting, providing a crisp and clean break with every pull. The two-stage feature allows the shooter to pull the trigger in two steps: initial pressure stage and the actual firing stage. This results in a more controlled and accurate shooting process, contributing significantly to the overall precision and consistency of the rifle.

Introducing our most advanced trigger yet, designed with zero-creep break, adjustable pull weight, and four points of safety. The crisp break requires less activation energy, and users report a lighter feel. Assembled with matched components, it offers reliability and corrosion resistance. Experience consistent trigger pulls with Frictionless Release Technology™ for enhanced performance and safety.

All these components come together to form an extraordinary precision shooting instrument. The WOOX Outdoor Titano Stock with Pristine .308 Bolt Action is indeed a remarkable weapon, offering high-end performance and benchrest shooting precision. It stands out as a perfect example of meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, making it


Benchrest vs f-class matches

Benchrest and F-Class matches are highly competitive shooting sports that test the accuracy and precision of both the shooter and their equipment.

In Benchrest shooting, competitors aim to place five or ten shots within the smallest possible diameter at varying distances, usually 100 or 200 yards. All shooting is done from a rest or bench, hence the name, with rifles supported on sandbags front and rear. The goal is extreme accuracy and consistency, with winning groups often measuring less than half an inch.

F-Class, on the other hand, is a form of full-bore target shooting that originated in Canada. It is shot prone at distances from 300 to 1200 yards. Competitors may use almost any caliber rifle up to .338, a scope, and a front rest or bipod and rear bag if desired. F-Class is split into two divisions - F-Open and F-TR (Target Rifle). The former allows any caliber up to .338 and a front rest while the latter is restricted to .223 Remington and .308 Winchester, and only a bipod is allowed for support. Both types of competitions are a true test of a shooter's ability to handle their rifle and read changing wind and weather conditions.

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