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When it comes to rifle setups, the combination of high-quality components can significantly enhance accuracy, reliability, and overall shooting experience. In this article, we delve into a rifle setup that combines the Volquartsen Action, Woox Furiosa Chassis, Swampfox Optic, Accutac Bipod, and Ruger Mag.

This impressive amalgamation of top-notch components ensures precision, durability, and optimal performance for the discerning shooter.


Volquartsen Summit .22lr Barreled Action

At the heart of this rifle setup lies the Volquartsen Summit .22lr Barreled Action. Renowned for their precision craftsmanship, Volquartsen delivers exceptional quality in their products.  With its impressive specifications, the Volquartsen Summit is designed to deliver exceptional performance. Weighing approximately 3lb 4oz, this rifle strikes a balance between lightweight maneuverability and stability. It features a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, providing ample ammunition for extended shooting sessions. The trigger weight is set at 1.75lb, ensuring a crisp and responsive trigger pull for enhanced accuracy.

The barrel is equipped with 1/2x28 muzzle threads, allowing for the attachment of various muzzle devices or suppressors. The twist rate of 1:16 configuration ensures optimal bullet stabilization for precise shots. The Superlite Anodized Aluminum Receiver in black, combined with a lightweight barrel featuring a carbon fiber sleeve and black barrel ends, adds to the rifle's sleek aesthetics and durability.

Woox Outdoor Furiosa Tigerwood Chassis

To complement the Summit Barreled Action, the Woox Outdoor Furiosa Tigerwood Chassis offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Constructed from high-quality materials, such as laminated wood and aluminum, the Furiosa Chassis provides excellent stability and durability. It features an adjustable cheek riser, length of pull, and multiple sling attachment points, allowing for a personalized fit and enhanced shooting comfort.

Swampfox Optics Warhak 3-15x50

he scopes feature crystal-clear glass and are built with a robust 34mm tube for enhanced performance. To maximize optimization, we have equipped them with larger diameter, low-profile, push-pull, lockable, and zero-resettable turrets. The included reticle options are first-focal-plane (FFP) and come in glass-etched MOA or MIL variants, perfectly matched with the corresponding turrets. These riflescopes are designed to provide shooters with the utmost precision and versatility in their shooting endeavors.

Accutac SR5-G2 Bipod

Stability is crucial when it comes to precision shooting, and the Accutac SR5-G2 Bipod delivers just that. This bipod is built to withstand harsh conditions and provides exceptional stability with its robust construction and retractable spiked feet. The quick-detach mounting system allows for easy attachment and removal, while the adjustable height and canting feature provide flexibility in various shooting positions. The Accutac bipod is an essential accessory for improved accuracy and control.

Ruger 10 Round Mag

Reliability and ease of use are essential for any shooter, and the Ruger 10 Round Mag fulfills these requirements. Designed specifically for the Ruger 10/22 rifle, this magazine offers smooth and reliable feeding of .22lr ammunition. Its sturdy construction and generous capacity ensure that shooters can focus on their target without worrying about constant reloading.

Combining the Volquartsen Summit .22lr Barreled Action, Woox Outdoor Furiosa Tigerwood Chassis, Swampfox Optics Warhak 3-15x50, Accutac SR5-G2 Bipod, and Ruger 10 Round Mag results in a rifle setup that offers exceptional precision, durability, and functionality. Whether for precision target shooting, hunting small game, or plinking at the range, this configuration provides shooters with the tools they need to excel. Each component contributes to the overall performance, ensuring a satisfying shooting experience for enthusiasts who demand the best.