Atlas Development Group was contracted to perform a comparison evaluation between a new WOOX stock system and factory Remington model 700 BDL-Short Action (SA) stocks. Three Remington M700 BDL-SA rifles, two chambered in .300 WSM and one chambered in .308 Win., were to be provided with their factory production stocks for benchmarking and then evaluated with three WOOX stocks.

"All attempts were made to mitigate variation by using the same equipment and shooter over the entire comparative accuracy test, however, factors such as changing weather conditions and shooter fatigue could have biased results to some degree"ADG Report, Nov 2019.

Considering these factors in conjunction, below are presents the three group averages of the stocks tested for accuracy

 -  BEFORE: Stock Remington Mod 700 .308 cal. 15-shot average @ 100 yds  MOA= .970"  

 -  AFTER:WOOX Furiosa Chassis installed on same Remington Mod 700 .308 cal  15-shot average @ 100 yds MOA= .357"