Meet our ambassadors

Abby Casey portrait sunny outdoor

Abby Casey

Identifying one’s passion is hard enough let alone successfully working within your passion, it's at best a lifelong dream for most. I was lucky enough to find a strong connection to the outdoors and shooting sports at a very young age. After shooting Smallbore and 10mm air rifle in High School and at the Collegiate level (NCAA) this path has led me to my career in the Outdoor industry and my Adventurous lifestyle. Once I graduated from College I took and Internship at REALTREE and worked as a videographer, youtube manager and editor which eventually turned into a full time position with company. During my time there I developed and hosted a fun fast paced YouTube series called “Realtree life” from that series I was scouted to host and help build the outdoor brand of a new media company called Rated Red. The platform was Social Media and Youtube based and marketed toward Heartland Millennials. During my time at Rated Red I hosted over 600 videos in my 2 years and produced over 30 pieces in the field.  It was on a trip out west Elk Hunting that decided to pursue becoming a full time advocate for the Outdoor Lifestyle and those thoughts helped me create my own brand AC Outdoors. I use my platform to inspire others to pursue an active Outdoor LIfestyle as well as communicate the value of conservation, and adventure. I am a brand ambassador for several companies and last year became a lifestyle content creator for Browning. I have been so fortunate to experience all I have in my life and my career and I want to be able to give back and convey to people the importance of the Outdoors and an active lifestyle.

Justin Foster portrait outdoor

Justin Foster

Justin grew up in rural British Columbia and developed a love for firearms at a young age.He attributes his passion for firearms to his father, Robin, who had Justin shoot his first .22LR at the age of four. Justin was lucky enough to have started hunting even before that, often tagging along on the back of Robin on the Western slopes of Canada. Robin would go on to teach him everything he knew about hunting, fishing, and reloading. After graduating high school, Justin made the move to Calgary, Alberta, where he developed a passion for photography and began documenting his trips to the range. Justin started shooting ELR recreationally in 2019, which eventually led him to his newfound passion in 2020: F-Class. Justin is an avid F-Class shooter and shoots in the F-TR division. In addition to photography, Justin is a passionate writer. He writes on a regular basis for multiple companies in the hunting and firearms industry on topics ranging from reloading and gear selection to hunting and shooting techniques.

William Thornton portrait outdoor with orange hat and camo jacket

William Thornton

Freelance photographer and U.S. Army Veteran William Thornton is based in Texas, where there's plenty of space to put rounds downrange. William and his company, 3187 Media, produce a unique and gritty view from the firing line while also competing in long range competition. He's currently running the Furiosa stock and later this year, the Furiosa Ultra.

Chip Hunnicutt portrait in Tajikistan

Chip Hunnicutt

A native of North Carolina, Chip has hunted North America, New Zealand, and central Asia. He has four SCI recorded animals and the largest whitetail taken with an airgun in South Carolina. He's worked professionally in the outdoor industry for nearly fifteen years, leading marketing efforts for iconic brands including Dead Down Wind, Tink’s, Obsession Bows, Ramcat Broadheads, Trophy Taker, Century Arms and Safari Club International.

Nikki Boxler

Nikki Boxler

Hi there! The name's Nikki. I'm a native New Yorker with a passion for the outdoors and working with my hands. After working on the farm for most of my life I decided to give farming a break while I gained experience in marketing and working with other companies. After learning that the corporate world isn't all that it is cracked up to be I decided to go back to my roots and spend time doing what I truly LOVE! Now I am back with a fresh perspective and new ideas! Why YouTube: To share my family's knowledge, skills, ideas & values. Also, just because I think it's fun and I hope you do too! My family is full of fun people and after tuning in I hope we inspire you to try something new!