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The Man Spot - Vaughn Neville portrait with rifle

The Man Spot - Vaughn Neville

Vaughn NeVille, also known on social media as “The Man Spot” consisting of over 1million overall social media followers, Vaughn NeVille is a 2nd Amendment advocate and a pro 2A content creator. His main focus is Faith, Family and Freedom. He is married to Kaitlyn NeVille also known on social media as The Wife Spot. Vaughn and Kaitlyn have 3 children. Vaughn is unapologetically living a Red Blooded American life full of guns, off roading, spending time with his family and making funny content videos. Vaughn speaks frequently at freedom events promoting patriotism and our right to bear arms. Vaughn has raced in King of The Hammers and the Mint 400 the past two years. In 2020 Vaughn placed 2nd place in his class while racing the Mint 400, all while promoting gun companies on his rig. Vaughn loves his country and always promotes how we should all be grateful to those who sacrificed the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Eli Doubletap portraits with guns

Eli Doubletap

My passion for the entertaining arts started with stop-motion videos in my youth and has evolved into creating the viral content I produce today. Along the way, I have been fortunate enough to work together with great people. From the beginning, my path has always been as a content creator. The source of this is from my desire to make people laugh, feel good, and wanting people to see unique content. What helps feed my passion for creating viral content is my son, family, streaming, and continuing to build relationships with the ever-growing community that supports us. I have a growing stream that I am working hard to take into a higher tier of streaming. My life is a blessed and fulfilling one that allows me to motivate as many people as possible on this journey. A fun fact about me is that if you challenge me to anime trivia, I will win.

Abby Casey portrait sunny outdoor

Abby Casey

Identifying one’s passion is hard enough let alone successfully working within your passion, it's at best a lifelong dream for most. I was lucky enough to find a strong connection to the outdoors and shooting sports at a very young age. After shooting Smallbore and 10mm air rifle in High School and at the Collegiate level (NCAA) this path has led me to my career in the Outdoor industry and my Adventurous lifestyle. Once I graduated from College I took and Internship at REALTREE and worked as a videographer, youtube manager and editor which eventually turned into a full time position with company. During my time there I developed and hosted a fun fast paced YouTube series called “Realtree life” from that series I was scouted to host and help build the outdoor brand of a new media company called Rated Red. The platform was Social Media and Youtube based and marketed toward Heartland Millennials. During my time at Rated Red I hosted over 600 videos in my 2 years and produced over 30 pieces in the field.  It was on a trip out west Elk Hunting that decided to pursue becoming a full time advocate for the Outdoor Lifestyle and those thoughts helped me create my own brand AC Outdoors. I use my platform to inspire others to pursue an active Outdoor LIfestyle as well as communicate the value of conservation, and adventure. I am a brand ambassador for several companies and last year became a lifestyle content creator for Browning. I have been so fortunate to experience all I have in my life and my career and I want to be able to give back and convey to people the importance of the Outdoors and an active lifestyle.

Jack Copeland portrait outdoor

Jack Copeland

I am currently a Full Time College Student and working on an as needed basis as a Swarovski Optik Field Tech, Pulsar ProStaff, Silence the Night Prostaff, Ally Outfitters, Airforce Airguns, Kopfjager Industries and OSS Suppressors. I also am active in providing Instagram and Facebook content for all companies I am associated with or sponsored by. I am a Firearms instructor for several training groups and instructing several private clients. I was introduced to guns at a very young age, however I have been shooting competitively since I was 13 years old, beginning in 2013. I have competed in 1600+ competitions all over the U.S. and most recently I competed in the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot III in Chateroux, France as a member of the USA modified Team. My parents, teachers, and friends have said that I am not a typical 20 year old kid and that I have the "gift of gab," also saying, "I can assure you his reputation is one of quality and he gives his time freely to many. His passion for the shooting sport has been unprecedented." I have loved every minute of growing up and talking with veterans, officers, and adult gun enthusiasts. My young life has not always been an easy ride. I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia in the summer after kindergarten. I had to develop a tough approach to adapting my learning differences, but it requires constant work on my part. My teachers did not think I could manage in the regular classroom, but I have proven them wrong and even make the A-B honor roll regularly at my high school. I will bring that same dedication to the sport of shooting and I would promise to represent you well in every way. While being competitive, I am also a very caring person who wants to give back to others less fortunate. My family and I have been involved in helping the homeless of Dallas and Kaufman County. I am also a huge supporter of our military troops who have made so many sacrifices for our freedom.

Mary Linker portrait outdoor with orange hat and camo jacket

Mary Linker

From a small town in Arkansas, I am a wife, a mother and hold a full-time career in a corporate setting, all while pursuing my passion of hunting any time I have a free moment. Unlike a lot of others in the outdoor industry, I was not familiar with this lifestyle until much later in my life. I grew up in a big family where my father and brothers hunted occasionally, but I had always thought that this was something that only men did and knew it only to be portrayed as “cold and boring,” which naturally did not interest me. Although always an advocate for the outdoors, I was not fully introduced to this lifestyle until 5 years ago; and that was when everything changed. From hunting whitetail in the Midwest, to ducks and geese on the flat lands, to bugling Elk in the Colorado mountains and beyond, I have gained a wealth of knowledge these past few years in what it means to be a conservationist, hunter, educator and friend to some of the most amazing people in the industry. Being outside, hunting and preserving our wildlife, and exploring this incredible world has become who I am now. I have learned so much about myself and my abilities, my strengths and weaknesses, and have been able to pass down that knowledge and experience to many first-time hunters and outdoorsman who have not had the opportunity to grow up living that lifestyle as well. Social media has dramatically increased the way we are able to communicate and educate with others, and my goal is to continue to share my passion while hoping to fuel someone else’s into this way of life.